“We are not Cheaters” NEC Clarifies Its Transparent Role for October Polls

By Lazota Bility

Monrovia -September 27,2023: In the heat of claims and counter claims for the rigging of the October 10 elections, the National Elections Commission has clarified its neutrality in conducting a transparent process.
NEC holds the responsibility to conduct a free, fair and transparent elections in Liberia.

Recently, the Unity Party, a major opposition political party in Liberia raised eyebrows on the ruling party’s (Coalition for Democratic Change CDC) intention to rig the elections.
The UP has further encouraged their supporters and partisans support to protect their votes during these elections and further threatened retaliation if there are compromises.

In addressing some of the many concerns, in a press conference on Tuesday September 25,2023, the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission Madam Davidetta Browne Lansanah clarified that the NEC’s independency to conduct the elections. According to madam Lansanah, the Commission is not a cheat and will not exhibit such attitude in the October elections.

“I am urging everyone to desist from saying the National Election Commission will cheat, we are not cheaters and we don’t even have any power to temper with anyone votes because we are not the one in the field we will do our best as a committee to make this elections Free and Fair “she said.

Meanwhile, the NEC has announced the arrival of ballot boxes into the country and indicated plans to subsequent deployment.

“ Ballot papers for the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections have arrived in the country from the Republic of Ghana via the Robert international Airport. The ballot are currently in storage under protection of state securities and deployment of ballot papers and other sensitive and non-sensitive election materials to the 19 magisterial offices in the 15 Counties for onward distribution to the 2,080 voting precincts nationwide will commence in the next few days.

“Staffs of National Election Commission are working day and night to ensure that materials are deployed in time for the October 10, 2023 Elections and the NEC have put in a procurement process for additional transportation means to convey electoral materials to some part of the country”.

However, on the publication of Final Voter Registration Roll (FRR), the NEC Chairperson told journalists that the printing process began ten days ago and expected to climax soon.

She acknowledged her institution’s commitment to share every data with members of political parties, and stakeholders.

“The printing of the Final Voter Registration Roll (FRR) which began ten days ago is processing well and will be made available to all political parties , Independent Candidates and other stakeholders upon completion of the ongoing process to secure the data”

Meanwhile, previous elections in post conflict Liberia have been peacefully conducted. The 2005 and 2011 general elections that favor former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was conducting peacefully with the help of international community including the 2017 elections.

This 2023 elections serves as a test for Liberia to independently prove to the world its capability of maintaining its hard earned peace.

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