“Unity Party’s Inaugural Funds Transparently Managed” UP Special Investigative Report Reveals

By: Sylvester Choloplay

Liberia: Unity Party Chairman J. Luther Tarpeh has received a comprehensive report from a special investigative team, dispatched to scrutinize the disbursement of inaugural funds across Liberia’s 73 electoral districts.

The funds, totaling $365,000, were allocated to celebrate President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s victory, recognizing citizens’ contributions during the October 2023 Elections in Liberia.

Addressing the Press on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at UP’s Party National Headquarters in Monrovia, Chairman Tarpeh vehemently denied allegations of mismanagement, particularly accusations suggesting he instructed county chairpersons to personally pocket $1,000 each from the fund.

He clarified that each electoral district received $5,000 for JNB’s Presidential victory, emphasizing the transparent management of the funds.

“The allegations are baseless and misleading. I did not issue any such instructions. The funds were intended for their designated purpose and were managed diligently”, Chairman Tarpeh revealed.

According to the Report in the possession of this institution, the investigative team, comprising representatives from county chairpersons, carefully used the funds purposefully.

Tarpeh further clarified that the disbursement process was overseen by the Party’s Inaugural and Finance Committee, ensuring adherence to Party’s financial rules and orders.

He stated that per the report he has received from an investigative team from the county chairpersons the money was used for its intended purpose and that the disbursement of the money was done through the Party’s treasurers/UP’s Inaugural and Finance Committee and not him.

He emphasized that he personally had no involvement in handling the funds. “I did not even lay eyes on the money.

The various county chairpersons have acknowledged the proper utilization of every dime spent”, Rev. Tarpeh affirmed.

He said the report from the special investigative team underscores Unity Party’s commitment to accountability and transparency in financial matters.

Despite unfounded allegations, the party’s adherence to due process in fund management stands as a testament to its integrity and responsible governance.

Meanwhile, the county
chairpersons are expected to address the media soon to give accounts on the money they received.

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