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South Sudan-WTVNEWS: Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti has extolled former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for being the first Liberian to recognized and celebrate her (Sara’s) appointment as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.

On December 6, 2021 Madam Beysolow-Nyanti, Deputy Special Representative for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and Resident Coordinator in South Sudan was appointed the new Deputy Special Representative in the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and Resident Coordinator in South Sudan succeeding Alain Noudéhou of Benin.

The triple function role, which is at the level of Assistant Secretary-General, will put Mrs. Nyanti in charge of the UN’s entire development and humanitarian programme in South Sudan, Africa’s youngest Republic.

Understanding what the appointment meant, Madam Nyanti mentioned that the former Liberian Head of State was able to within 48 hours of her appointment organize a ceremony via zoom to appreciate and celebrate the success.

“When I was appointed within 24 hours madam Sirleaf and the EJS center quickly organized a program and within 48 hours, me, my mother and close family were on zoom with madam Sirleaf because she said she recognized what this is for the country, and so she had a proper program for me on zoom within 48 hours of my appointment and I am grateful to her for that.”

I appreciate madam Sirleaf for that cause she brough up many strong women, many Liberian women, she brough up many women from her center. This position is something donors countries fight for and Liberia has a ASG position without it trying to get one, She said.

Explaining her new role, madam Nyanti term it as a three-four heater that is she will now head the UN Development Program, the humanitarian program, “I will also be deputy special representative to the secretary general and at the level of the Assistant Secretary General which is a role that I cherish”.

According to her, this new position also means that nothing is impossible because on grounds she never thought of assending to such roles.

She encouraged Liberian women to rise up and fulfill their potential saying “I believe that Liberian women are the best women that I know, Liberian women are the strongest women, Liberian women are the most resilience women and I believe every Liberian women can achieve her fullest development potential if she goes for it and she is given the right support, the right encouragement.”

Remarking at the event, senator Commany B. Wesseh said women have been the people who brought the best proud to Liberia and African in general.

Senator Wesseh also used the occasion to pay tribute to Mr. Stephen Nyanti, husband to Madam Nyanti for being a good man because according to him, most women face difficulties going up because their spouses are either too jealous or they feels inferior.

Similarly, Mr. Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress said the event is not to only celebrate madam Nyanti but more so is about celebrating Liberian excellence. “When you talked about sara, our former President Ellen and the other women who had worked in the UN system and when we think about what is required to change Liberia, it will require hard work, scarified, and excellence, and I think sara demonstrates and manifest all of those attribute,” he asserted.

As Liberian, Cummings said we can compete with anybody from anywhere in the world something which sara had also demonstrated adding “We do need to bring that expertise, that excellence and bring them back home.”

Remarking at the event, NADU Cooper mentioned that Sara love for her community is one of the reasons she (sara) has risen to the top which is an incredible milestone and that she deserve the spotlight to celebrate.

“I understand that you’ve come to this new position in the wake of at least three Liberian women, who worked honorably and productively in the United Nations to improve world peace Angie Brooks, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf And Thomas Trust Orgoria, and I have no doubt that sara appointment will lead to even greater future success.”

Faith Cooper, former Country Director of the International Rescue Committee, indicated “we look up to you and admire how much you carry the Liberian flag, it is the work that you do on the ground here that many people are not aware of. When I think about sara, I think about concept that I often speak about, research Africa, resilience, empowering, strategy, engaging, transformational and that is what you represent”.

She continues “those of us that are following closely in your footstep, know that we admire you, we honor you, we celebrate you, and we love how well you represent mama Liberia. As you go about this new role, I want you to keep the concept of reset Africa,” Madam Cooper ended.

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