Monrovia- Tuesday- September 15. 2021-WTVNEWS: The Liberia National Police has investigated and duly charged suspects, Samuel N. Borbor, 41 and Alexander T. Seakor, 56 formerly of the LNP with Negligent Homicide and Criminal Facilitation respectively.

On August 31. 2021, the Ministry of Justice ordered the re-arrest of officers Samuel N. Borbor, Harris Monger, and Alexander Seakour, following report from the autopsy of the remains of late Alieu Sheriff.

As provided by the autopsy report, the cause of the death was “unnatural due to blunt force injury to the back of the head”.

Sheriff met his demise on Thursday July 29, 2021, after being reportedly murdered by officers of the LNP during an inspection process along the Japanese Freeway.

Following Police investigation upon the re-arrest of the officers,But an LNP investigation revealed that, “the victim took his phone to CIP. Thomas Sackor to speak with someone, he (CIP. Sackor) refused which prompted the victim’s anger and he began disturbing that no other vehicle leaves the fence until his vehicle was also released”.

The LNP investigation also revealed that as a result of the victim’s disturbance, suspect Seakor held the deceased victim by his trousers taking him to the gate where suspect Borbor held on him and forcibly put him out of the fence and locked the gate. While the victim was outside the NTA fence.

It is also established by the LNP that through it’s inquiry, witnesses accounted that the deceased victim began banging the gate, but fell to the ground and subsequently went unconscious. He was rushed to the JFK Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by Doctors on call.

Police investigation again uncovered that CIP. Thomas Sackor was on official assignment, Inspector Alexander Seakor was not officially there but later joined his colleagues to impound defective vehicles, while Patrolman Samuel Borbor was sent by one of his senior Officers with a driver to be identified to make an intervention into the release of said driver’s vehicle.

However, the LNP has argued that from its CSD investigation, it was established that Chief Inspector Thomas Sackor could not be held liable due to his non-interaction with the deceased prior to his death.

Considering the different probing proceedings adhered to by the LNP, as well as the autopsy report conducted on August 7, 2021 (which established that the deceased’s cause of death was unnatural), the suspects have been forwarded to Court with the crimes of Negligent Homicide and Criminal Facilitation in violation of chapter 14.3 and 10.2 of the revised penal law of the Republic of Liberia.

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