By: Margibi Correspondent

Kakata, Margibi County: A 10-month-old baby only identified as Favor has been recused from an alleged kidnapper in Kakata, Margibi County.

The child was allegedly kidnapped early morning hours of June 7, 2022 in the Moses Brown Quarter, Bassa Town, Kakata.

The baby was rescued by a lady identified as Miracle Tokpah, a resident of one Bassa Town in Kakata after the news of her disappearance spread through the community.

Speaking to Reporters at the headquarters of the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberia National Police in Kakata, the mother of the child identified as Marina explained that she left for work on Tuesday morning but later received a call from the caretaker of her daughter that her child had been kidnapped by unknown men, which forced her to leave work immediately.

“Because she and myself bathed this girl this morning, I left the girl with her at the house, but she said a lady at the back of the yard took the girl to play with, but later left the girl and went to buy minute, with in that time I received call that my baby has gone missing” the baby mother said.

The baby mother continues “l immediately returned home and rushed on the Firestone Plantation on bike in search of my daughter, but I was informed by bystanders that unknown men passed by them with child”.

She explained that announcement was then placed on local radio stations in Kakata while motorcyclists were also in search of the little child on various Divisions of Firestone, Liberia.

Favor’s mother indicated that she made her way to Harbel in search of her baby but while in route to Kakata she received call that the child was rescued by a lady identified Miracle Tokpah.

“My sister and i were sitting in front of our house between 10 to 11am , we saw this unknown guy with the child sleeping in his hand, the beauty of the child attracted us so much so we started asking the unknown guy questions as to who is child mother and where the child mother was”
“Miracle Tokpah said.

“This child mother came from Gbarnga and dashed the child on me, she has ‘refused’ to take care of the child or even listen to me and others who have advised her to take the child, but she has refused” the unknown guy told Miracle Tokpah.

According to the rescuerer, she and her sister started to interrogate the unknown guy he escaped and left the baby with them. ” That was how we reported the baby to the Women and Children Protection Section of the LNP.

Police has launched a manhunt for the alleged kidnapper and baby has reunited with her mother.

The New Penal Code of Liberia, Chapter 14, Section 14.50(1) states that a person is guilty of kidnapping if he unlawfully removed another person from his place of residence or business, or a substantial distance from the vicinity where he’s found.

Section 14.50(2) of the same law says that kidnapping is a felony of the first degree unless the actor voluntarily releases the victim alive and in a safe place prior to trial, in which case it is a felony of the Second degree.

The baby mother has lauded the media, the motorcyclists and all those who were involved into searching for her daughter. Madam Marina used the occasion to call on other mothers to be careful with their children.

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