Six Armed Robbers Get 10yrs Imprisonment

By: Our Contributor

Capitol Hill-June 7, 2023: Criminal Court D in Monrovia, on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 sentenced six (6) notorious Armed Robbers to ten years imprisonment each at the South Beach in Monrovia.

In the Court’s Presiding
Judge, Her Honor, Mameita Jabateh Sirleaf ruling, the six defendants were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after a bench trial based upon testimonies from witnesses and production of evidence during the trial.

Defendants Jerome Stephen, Kryah Lee Dopoe, Jackson Geiah, Alieu Sumo, Melvin Kollie and Qumie Sanoh, were sentenced for armed robbery, and criminal conspiracy.

According to the court’s indictment, defendants Alieu Sumoe, Melivin Kollie, Qumie Sanoh and Alfred Doe who are at large, on September 30, 2022, around 3:30 am in the Plank Filed Community, Battery Factory were armed with deadly weapons including single barrel shots gun pistils, cutlasses and knife with criminal minds and intent to commit theft.

The indictment pointed out that the defendants purposely, willfully, intentionally and maliciously commit the above mentioned crime against the private prosecutor Mr. Mohammed Saryon and his wife while they were in bed.

“The defendants advanced gun at the private prosecutor and his wife and made away with 25 BAGS of 25kg bag of rice value at US$350.00, one tecno C-X valued at US$210.00 and One flat screen TV 32 LRC valued at US$80.00”, the indictment pointed out.

For defendants Kryah Lee Dopoe and Jackson Geiah, the indictment disclosed that on January 18, 2023, at 6:00am in the Lakpazee Community, Airfield, the defendants with criminal minds and intent knowingly and purposely committed the crime of armed rubbery against private prosecutor Estell Gataweh.

The indictment pointed out that while the plaintiff was awaiting kekeh to go to work, she noticed the defendants were watching her movement from a porch and later rushed on her with knife and other deadly weapon and threatened to injure her and did steal, took and carried away and exercised unauthorized control over the her properties.

“The defendants stole the plaintiff hang bag containing US$60.00, one Intel phone valued US$150.00, cash US$150.00 and two hundred Liberian dollars and document containing her voting card”, the indictment noted.

Also Jerome Stephen was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft of property when he was seen on November 29, 2022 at 9:40am dragging the private prosecutor under a tree after she came down from a bike and took her belonging from her.

However, giving her final ruling Judge Mameita Jabateh Sirleaf said that based upon the witness testimonies and proceeding of the case, the Court resolved to sentence the named defendants with the crimes indicated for.

“Based upon the witnesses testimonies and the evidence provided in this bench trial, this court have resolved to sentence the above defendants with ten years imprisonment at the South Beach. This is due to the prosecution proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the defendants purposely and knowingly committed the crimes of armed robbery, criminal conspiracy’’ she concluded.

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