Senate Confirms NaFAA Boss Emma Glassco and Deputy

By: Legislative Correspondent

Monrovia, WTVNEWS : The Plenary of the Liberian Senate during Thursday’ session unanimously confirmed Madam Emma Glassco and her deputy Augustine Monoblah as Director General and Deputy Director General for National Fisheries and Agriculture Authority.

The two Nominees confirmations followed separate reports from the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry recommending Plenary to endorsed both nominees for confirmation based on their performance records at the institution.

17 Senators voted to confirm the Director General while 16 voted to confirm her deputy on thursday, February 10, 2022.

Director Glasco and Deputy Director Monoblah were renominated by President George Weah for the second time following the expiration of their respective tenures at the entity.

The committee in separate reports indicated that the nominees were crossed examined with respect to their credentials and their demonstrative abilities to respond to inquiries, something which the Committee said puts them in a better position to be confirmed.

The two nominees were told to present a performance report for review before confirmation considerations as part of Plenary’s mandate which the two presidential nominees adhered to during the hearing.

Senators Milton Teahjay and Abraham Darius Dillion in separate motions thanked the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry for its due diligence in making sure that those in tenure positions undergo Institutional Audit and provide Performance report to ensure the initial tenure giving them to serve was effectively utilized in the interest of the Country before another confirmation as part of reform measures of the August Body.

Minutes after her confirmation, madam Glassco told Legislative reporters that her target is to ensure NAFAA contribute 10 or 15% to the National budget and as well make the institution economically viable.

“I am very grateful to the people of Liberia and President George Weah for reposing his confidence in me and my team to starr the affairs of this great institution, a State Owned Enterprise of our country, passion and love for country is what carrying the team” NAFFA Director General said.

She added “Normally, after confirmations hearings, the outcome can not be public but mine was done public, this is unprecedented, my confirmation took a different trend because I had the opportunity to observe the process and I don’t think my presence could influence individual decisions, I am very grateful to all, I will work for the Liberian people”.

For his part, the Co-Chair of the Board of Directors Commission General Engene Nagbe said Madam Glossco is a committed young woman noting evidence is the work she does at the institution.

According to Comm. Nagbe, the NaFAA boss has produced lots of positivities. He said her work brought over 40million to the country amount he said will cover lots of activities including local Fisher men “We can not ask for more”.

“As a Commissioner General, we work closely with NAFFA, her work has spoken for her, I as the Co-chair, came here personally to give support and show solidarity to her” Comm. Nagbe added.

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