Second Lady Intensifies Fight for Disabled Community: Unveils Renovated Apartments for Group of 77

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper. Gmail:

Liberia: The Second Lady of Liberia, Madam Synleseh Stephenie Koung, has stepped up efforts to improve living conditions and promote inclusion for people living with disabilities across Liberia.

On Tuesday, July 9, 2024, she handed over a newly renovated 33-bedroom apartment to the Group of 77, a notable organization comprising of people living with disabilities.

Madam Koung, who is the wife of Vice President Jeremiah Koung, initiated the major renovation due to the poor health conditions at the facility when she assumed the role of Managing Director for the group.

She highlighted the significant progress made, particularly in cleaning the polluted waterways that had contributed to the spreading of disease among the residents.

“We provided financial assistance to over 24 families to relocate, enabling us to renovate this space,” she explained.

“We’ve worked diligently to clear the waterways and prevent contamination. Today, we completed the renovation of annex one of the Group of 77 apartments.”

In addition to the renovations, Madam Koung announced the reinstatement of the monthly feeding program for members of the Group of 77.

This initiative aims to alleviate the pressure of begging on the streets for sustenance. She also introduced a lunch program for children attending the school at the facility, helping them to focus on their education.

“Reinstating the monthly feeding program and introducing the lunch program for school children will ensure they can concentrate on their studies without worrying about food,” she added.

Despite these efforts, Madam Koung acknowledged that the Group of 77 still faces significant challenges.

According to her, the current building cannot accommodate everyone, leaving many of them without shelter and forced to live in terrible places.

“I don’t feel accomplished yet. Many still seek shelter due to insufficient funds to build a larger facility. Numerous individuals are living in places exposed to rain,” she stated.

She called on the national government, human rights organizations, and philanthropic individuals to support their vision of an inclusive society where everyone is treated equally.

Meanwhile, members of the Group of 77 expressed their gratitude to the Second Lady for her support, describing the renovated apartment as a long-awaited dream come true.

They committed to maintaining the facility and emphasized the importance of treating people living with disabilities with kindness and respect.

“We are thrilled to have a place to sleep. These are things we have long dreamed about. Disability is not inability. We are all human being and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect,” a group member remarked.

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