Rep. Briggs-Mensah Shines at Israel Allies Foundation Caucus, Pledges Support for Stronger Ties

Israel: In a momentous gathering at the Israel Allies Foundation Parliamentarian Caucus Chairperson’s Conference in Jerusalem, Bong County District 6 Representative Moima Briggs Mensah stood out not only for her impassioned speech but also for her commitment to fostering robust diplomatic relations between Liberia and Israel.

Addressing attendees, Representative Briggs Mensah expressed gratitude for President Joseph Boakai’s leadership and highlighted Liberia’s historical ties with Israel. She passionately advocated for the reopening of Liberia’s embassy in Israel, emphasizing the significance of the bilateral relationship that stretches back to Liberia’s pivotal vote for Israel’s nationhood in 1947.

Lauding Liberia’s achievements as the first African nation to gain independence and produce a female president, Representative Briggs Mensah underscored the need for Liberia to reclaim its position as a steadfast ally to Israel.

She shared stories of infrastructure built by Israel, including the executive mansion and the Ducor Palace Hotel, illustrating the longstanding partnership.

Notably, she pressed for increased collaboration in education, agriculture, and other sectors, urging Israel to consider Africa seriously. The Representative emphasized the importance of training programs, scholarships, and agricultural development as concrete ways to strengthen the bond between the two nations.

In a touching moment, Representative Briggs Mensah empathized with the recent conflict, drawing parallels with Liberia’s own history of war. She assured Israel that Liberia stands in solidarity, not just as observers but as active participants in their challenges and triumphs.

The Representative’s impactful address resonated with the audience, earning her an award for her outstanding legislative role. She concluded her speech with a powerful call to action, declaring that the time is now for both nations to stand for their rights and for Israel to enjoy freedom, echoing Liberia’s unwavering support for their ally.

As the conference concluded, Representative Moima Briggs Mensah left an indelible mark, embodying the spirit of collaboration and goodwill between Liberia and Israel.

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