By: Jerromie Walters

Monrovia-February 16, 2021-WTVNEWS: As their quest for Justice remain endless, a conglomeration of members of the Blamo, Boumah, and Geanquoui families on Tuesday, February 16, 2021, assembled at the main entrance of the Capitol building in demand of proper investigation in the mysterious disappearance of their sons, as they also presented a petition to some members of the 54th Legislature.

It can be referenced that on October 17. 2020, it was reported that Robert Blamo, Siafa Boumah, and Bobby Geanquoui allegedly drowned in Fuamah District, Lower Bong county.

This information was conveyed to the parents of the missing boys by Mr. Moses Ahossoule and Mr. Abraham G. Samuels, both of whom contracted and invited them to rander services at a diamond mining company that is own and operated by Mr Moses Ahossoule and Mr Abraham Samuels.

Mr Moses Ahossoule is the owner of the St Moses Funeral Parlour, and Mr Abraham Samuels is a senior officer at the National Security Agency (NSA).
As quoted by the parents of the missing boys “Since the fateful day of October 17. 2020, we have engaged the Ministry of Justice, the Liberia National Police, Civil Society and Humans Rights Organizations, the International community, the media and sought everywhere but have not found the answer to the very puzzling question: WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CHILDREN”.

Presenting the petition, it reveals that on October 19 2020, the Liberia National Police was officially informed about the incident through the families’ Representative and spokeman, Mr Blamo and others had several engagements and appointments, but decided to change the panel of investigators after discovering what they termed as “Neutrality,. Credibility, and integrity compromised”.

Receiving the petition on behalf of the 54th Legislature, members on the House’s Committee on Claims and Petition headed by Hon. Hanson Kiazolu extended condolences to the families for the sudden incident and further assured them their full commitment in addressing the matter, and promised to contact them in the shortest possible time.

However, the families expressed regret as they said they have submitted a communication to the office of Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean twice, bother on the 14 and 27 of December 2020, but no satisfactory response, rather their frustration and disappointments have increased.
For his part, the families’ spokesperson, Mr. Blamo told reporters that on countless occasions, some officials of government and other lawmakers, including Hon Prince Y. Johnson at the previous stage vowed to help them in the process, but later withdrew as a result of reasons for which he disclosed as “big hands”.

“We spoke with some lawmakers who promised to help us, but later said they can’t because of some of those that are involved in the case. They can’t tell what’s the reason, and we can’t say we don’t have a good Justice system, but from our experience, we are calling on everyone to join us because it’s not easy”, Mr. Blamo said.

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