Pro-Temp Lawrence Wants Senate Financial System Audited

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-February 13,2024: The President Protemp of the Liberian Senate Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence is calling for a thorough audit of the Senate’s financial management systems .

The Protemp in a letter to Hon. P Garswa Jackson, Sr, Auditor General of the General Auditing Commission on February 13,2024 requested the independent body to conduct the audit.

According to the Pro-temp, the Liberian Senate of the 55th Legislature is embarking on various reform initiatives gear towards promoting accountability, transparency, and fiscal prudence in the management of the Senate.

The objective of the assessment is to identify areas of weaknesses in the financial management system and controls environment.

Following the audit, the GAC will recommend improvements to ensure that the Senate financial management system and controls environment are operating effectively and efficiently after the audit.

The audit results will enable the Leadership of the Liberian Senate to establish the appropriate financial management system and controls environment which will subsequently enhance accountability, transparency and fiscal prudence in the management of the Senate.

“As part of the reform initiative, the Liberian Senate would like for the Auditor General to conduct financial management system and controls assessment of the Senate’s operating environment for current period.

The assessment would include reviews of the Senate accounting and financial management processes, policies and procedures, financial reporting, internal controls, document management system, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations”.

Meanwhile, President Protemp Madam Lawrence also urged the GAC to set a benchmark on the Liberian Senate Financial Management System.

“As part of your assessment, we would appreciate were you to benchmark the Liberian Senate financial management systems and controls environment against several English Speaking countries in the West African sub-region. The objective of the benchmarking is to identify areas of improvement and implement best practice outcomes”.

The Liberian Legislature since post conflict Liberia has never undergone audit. The audit if conducted will be the first for the 1st branch of government to be assessed.

Recently, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Fonati Koffa also called for an audit of the House’s payroll.

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