Pres. Boakai Vows To Empower Liberian Youths With Digital Education

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Liberia-January 29, 2024: The Liberian President Joseph Boakai has vowed to build the capacity of Liberian youths in digital education.

Delivering his first state of the nation address on Monday 29 January 2023, President Boakai said that over ten thousands (10,000) Liberian youths will acquire digital education during the first quarter of 2024.

According to the Liberian Head of State, this is intended to build the capacities of Liberian youths to foster economic growth.

President Boakai emphasized that the Liberian economy can only reach its peak when Liberians are at the forefront. “My administration will train ten thousands (10,000) young people in various digital areas in the first half of 2024”, President Joseph Boakai assured Liberian youth.

Boakia also believes that the when Liberians are capable of handling the economy, it will help in the creation of job opportunities.

The president’s commitment to digital education is in line of his ARREST agenda (meaning, Agriculture, Roads, Rule of Law, Education, Sanitation, Tourism) for a better Liberia.

At the sametime, President Boakai intends to change the state of the Liberian economic from a reliance on primary commodity to the exportation of basic Liberian commodies.

He further assured his administration’s commitment promote the empowerment of Liberian businesses. “Under my administration, the empowerment of Liberian entrepreneurship through more support will help bring back the made in Liberia quest for inclusive and sustainable growth and jobs.

President Boakai quest for a better ecomomy has been embraced my stakeholders across the country.

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