Pathway to Peace and Ending the Stalemate? PUL Acting President Daniel NyaKonah Resigns

By: Lazota Bility

Liberia-Feburay 25,2024-: The Acting President and President-elect of the Press Union of Liberia Mr. Daniel K NyaKonah on February 23,2024 resigned his post (Acting President) of the Union.

According to him, his decision to resign was due to the uncontrollable and unending situation in the Union since the last elections in 2022; adding, that the prolonged dispute within the PUL has caused a serious setback to the operation of the mother body of Journalists.

The Press Union of Liberia in November 2022 conducted its elections in Gbarnga City, Bong. The election which was held between two presidential candidates Daniel Nyankonah and Julius Kanubah resulted in grievances; as the matter was later dragged to Court by candidate Julius Kanubah on grounds of fraud and irregularities.

Since 2022, the matter is yet to be concluded as both parties kept taking appeal in the court of law.

The situation has hindered the smooth operation of the Press Union of Liberia and paused major activities.

He said โ€œAs we speak the union cannot afford its rent, Donors have stay away and no longer supporting the Union due to the unending noise within the union because they cannot operate in noise , at this junction it’s important that we disappoint those who are bend on seeking the death of our dear Press Union of Liberia in the interest of the union and it’s members being a peace keeper I have decide to openly step down from my Leadership role and promise to never be a candidate in any future election in the press Unionโ€, Mr. NyaKonah noted.

Meh however rallied members of the Union to remain committed and work with the Union Secretary General Akoi M. Baysah Jr in order to keep the Institution moving forward till the conduct of next election.

In response to his resignation, members of the Press Union of Liberia appreciated Nyankonah for step taken.

“Daniel is a Strong Man, Daniel is a strong Man. We will always Love you ” they Added.

However, PUL is expected to conduct new elections in the soonest possible time. The election will set a pathway for new leadership which will enhance the smooth operation of the media body.

The Press Union of Liberia is a Media base organization Established in September 30, 1964 to protect Press Rights and Freedom .

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