Opposition Political Parties Sign MOU to Protect Votes In October Polls.

Sinkor-August 29,2023: Major opposition political parties in Liberia on August 28,2023 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to safeguard electorates’ votes from being rigged in the October elections.

Liberia’s general and presidential elections is scheduled to take place on October 10, 2023.

The MOU was signed by eleven (11) political parties with intension to increase its membership.

The MOU is intended to build a cordial relationship between members of the opposition block in making sure to unseat the incumbent President George Weah in the 2023 General Presidential and Representatives Elections in the country.

The Memorandum of Understanding also seeks to Jointly train poll watchers, deploy an independent poll watching team, ensure united opposition at polling stations, ensure that there is cooperation to support opposition candidates where parties do not have candidates, establish an independent war room that receives votes from polling centers across the country including the development of software that will track elections results electronically and establishment of a joint secretariat to ensure drafting of agreements and driving the implementation of joint activities.

Opposition Political Parties will also independently track documents and report violence against opposition and ensure a dossier is maintained with evidence; jointly engage the international community on security and other related issues for the October 10th elections and collectively work together for joint positioning in round two of the elections.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti, Standard Bearer of the African Liberation League (ALL) and vision bearer of the activity told political parties that the process is a big step in the right direction.

She however urged other political parties that are yet to join the movement to willingly take advantage of the process for the betterment of Liberia.

“This is a very big step in the right direction. Liberia needs to be united and we have to plan the seeds of unity in all aspects in order to meet the needs of the country. We are excited about this opportunity for us to work together and tell the Liberian people that we can come tomorrow, people believed that we can’t but the more united we are, the stronger we are. It’s the cooperation of the willing and the door is open for the willing. All those who want to come it’s not late at all” Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti said.

At the same time, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) openly reminded President George Weah of his responsibility to make sure that Liberians exercise their rights to a free, fair, transparent, and credible elections in Liberia.
“I also want to remind President Weah of his responsibility to the Liberian people. He has the National Elections Commission under his control, he has the Police , and everything it takes to conduct a free fair and credible elections”.

Furthermore, Mr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, Standard Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party noted “all that we are fighting for is in the interest of Liberians to host credible elections. At least for once let the Guinness book of record says the most credible elections in Liberia was held in 2023.”

Also, Mr. Allen Brown Jr. Standard Bearer of the Liberia Restoration Party told members of the opposition that the process is a history making and as such, it is very important that they treat it with dedication.
“As much as these elections are consequential, I do believe that we are making history here by cooperating so I think that everybody recognizes the importance”.

However, Dr. Luther Tarpeh, Chairperson of the Unity Party cautioned members of the opposition to watch each other’s back in these elections as the main target is to unseat the incumbent President.
“The arrow head all of us should look at to maintain is President Weah not us, so I believe that this document will make the Liberian people happy and will help as opposition block dealing in dealing in deal cause and all of us on diplomatic post should be watching each other back”

Moreover, Madam Macdella Cooper, Standard Bearer of the Movement for One Liberia (MOL) stated that it is very important that opposition political parties protect their votes as the ruling government intends to maintain power.

“It’s very important that we try to protect our votes, we know what at stick, we know that there will be a struggle by this incumbent government to hold onto power and it’s our responsibility to make sure that they don’t steal this election from us”

The uniting of opposition political parties is a process headed by madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti of the African Liberation League. The process first convened twelve opposition political parties at the Corona Hotel on August 7, 2023, sensing the need to harness all efforts to protect opposition votes during the October 10th General and Presidential elections; guiding against the in pending threats of votes rigging.

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