“NO TRUST IN LIBERIAN PATHOLOGISTS” Princess Cooper Family Differs with GOL Autopsy Report But!

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Logan Town, Bushrod Island, Liberia:
Barely few hours after the Government of Liberia announced through an autopsy report that Princess Cooper died a natural death, the family of Princess’ termed the report as ‘complete contrary’ to the normal health situations of the deceased.

The GOL pathologists report revealed that Princess died as a result Tuberculosis or TB.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday at the family residence in Logan Town, Bushrod Island, Princess’ uncle Dr. Abel N. Momo said the family will not accept the autopsy report as they believe it is not factual and also contrary to the case the pathologists presented. “We think that the report as from the family standpoint, we can not take such a report from the Liberian government”, the uncle noted.

Though the family believed that the report is not consistent with the pattern of death, it was also noted that a final decision has not been made, in regards to the their next course of action.

They revealed that the family was never formally informed or communicated to about the autopsy report, something they termed as unprofessional.

Early Monday, April 18, 2022, the Ministry of Justice at a special press conference held at the Ministry of Information, confirmed through Autopsy report that the late Princess Cooper died a natural death, referencing tuberculosis (TB) as the paramount cause.

Liberian pathologist Benedict Kolee medically termed the cause of death of Princess Cooper to “Haemorrhagic shock, massive haemorrhage from raptured Rasmussen aneurysm and erosion of bronchial vessels , and progressive secondary pulmonary tuberculosis”.

In addition to the family’s voice, hundreds of Liberians including Lawmakers, condemned the report, stressing that the circumstances surrounding the death was totally contrary to what the report provided.

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon vowed to launch a fund-raising campaign to have another autopsy done, in order to ensure justice for Princess Cooper and other victims of mysterious deaths.

With just an hour later after the family’s pronouncement of nullifying the Liberian Pathologists report, Liberian President George Weah ordered another a second autopsy to be conducted by the family designated pathologist (s).

According to the Executive Mansion release, the President’s decision is to lend support to the bereaved family, in their quest to bring closure, to the circumstances surrounding the death of their daughter.

The second autopsy as mandated by the President, will be fully funded by the government.

”In the directive, President Weah urged Minister Dean to ensure that all civil society, political and other interest groups and individuals who have been involved with advocacy in the case to cooperate with the family and send the name of a designated qualified pathologist to the government in the soonest possible time for the conduct of the second autopsy”, an Executive Mansion release further noted.

The mystery surrounding the death of premature soul of Princess Cooper, signaled a strong message to hundreds of Liberians, to take up critical stance against the dreadful nightmare of the high level of mysterious killings throughout Liberia.

As the government strived to prove it’s national role and zero tolerance for the repeated occurrence of death that are unaccounted for, it’s efforts often appear as an escalation to the problem.

Undoubtedly, Liberians have proven to have absolutely no confidence nor trust in the state’s own trained pathologists, following decades of seeking assistance from other countries’ experts.

Records can reference that considering secret deaths related statistics for the last three years, it’s unarguably over 30, many of which investigations and autopsy were conducted but appeared not to the convinvence of the victims’ family, while others felt it was conflictingly done.

The case of Princess Cooper who lifeless body was discovered in the compound of a Lebanese national, is undoubtedly one of the countless cases which hundreds of Liberians have stood out for, but yet believe they have not been served justice.

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