National Commission on Higher Education Applauds GOL for Budget Increment

By: Feeme Wantee

Monrovia-July 9,2024: The Executive Director of National commission on Higher Education in Liberia (NCHE) Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor has expressed gratitude to the Boakai-Koung government for a higher increase of the institution’s annual budget.

According to NCHE boss, Dr. Wonkeryor, increment of its budget from USD330,394 dollars to USD1million is a huge boast for higher learning in the country.

“This is a singular but very significant demonstration of the Government’s enduring interest in transforming the educational image of the country to make it not only qualitative, but also competitive in the context of regional and continental educational standards ” Dr.Wonkeryor emphasized.

He added that with this increment, the NCHE will strengthen the Quality assurance for higher education institutions and delivery of quality and competitive education outputs for sustainable national development.

According to the Director, the strategic objective for 2024-2026 can be achieved through regular and systematic monitoring of universities and Colleges to establish their compliance to guidelines and standards.

The NCHE boss said, it will also Strengthen the regulatory authority of the NCHE to effectively manage the higher education sector.

“we will establish a modernised headquarters from whence the NCHE will adequately and passionately coordinate and administer the activities of higher education” He stated.

Additionally, the National Commission on Higher Education will create an enabling environment for safe and inclusive access to higher education institutions and will also ensure that disability- accessible, gender-friendly safe learning environments. with ramps, separate latrines, are provided for access to learning by students with disabilities and special needs, including females.

Moreover, the strategic objective seeks to equip universities and colleges with functioning IT infrastructure, including computers , Internet connectivity, online learning facilities, e-libraries by 2026.

In furtherance of this, the Executive Director stressed that they will prioritize establishing and capacitating effective database on higher education management information statistics and the mechanism
which has the important role of providing statistical information for use by policymakers, international organizations and provide for themselves in the governance and management of universities along with Colleges.

Meanwhile, NCHE extended heartfelt gratitude to all contributing government functionaries, including the Legislature and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning for this massive support.

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