“LOST AND ILLUSORY HOPE” Dr. McIntosh Describes Pres. Weah’s Administration… As He Endorses ANC Cummings For President

Monrovia-: As the 2023 presidential and general elections draw closer, a staunch official of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Dr. Toga Gayewea McIntosh has described the Weah-led administration as a lost hope I’m the face of harsh economic realities facing the Liberian Population.

Dr. McIntosh was fast enough during his press conference to endorse Mr. Alexander Cummings for president in the upcoming general elections.

As a founding member of the Coalition for Democratic Change and the former National Presidential and Legislative Campaign Chairman also, Dr. McIntosh believes that the party’s movement which captured the attention of Liberians to have demonstrated high interest in the Coalition during the 2017 general elections has diverted from Change for Hope to Lost hope and becoming illusory hope to many.

He stated that the leadership is not moving sufficiently in the change direction set forth in the manifesto of the coalition; as such, he does not think the CDC can manage the misdirections in which mama Liberia is going.

“Liberians were yearning for change and flopped behind the movement of ” Change for Hope” during our campaign,they demonstrated their burning desire at the polls registering a landslide victory for CDC; Elections are far gone and the promised hope for our people has become a “lost hope”. Though faces and names might have changed in the governance landscape, the promised hope for our people has become an “Illusory hope” to many. As I observe the happenings over the last few years, it seems to me that the leadership of the Coalition including members of the Governing Council did not, or cannot adequately manage the misdirection in which our dear mama Liberia is going. It seems to me that we are not moving sufficiently in the change direction we had set forth in our manifesto, all social and economic indicators show that we are far from taking Liberia to where we had promised; leaving our people disillusioned and heartbroken” he asserted.

Dr. G. Toga McIntosh believes that if Liberia must recovered from this backstage, it is heavily depended upon a demonstrated leadership team that is possessed with clear visionary path, uncompromising commitments, and a collective sense of purpose.

He added that these attributes must be rooted on a set of smart policies, strategies, programs, justice and the rule of law pursued within appropriate functioning governing structures and systems, and a leadership deeply committed to changing the country and not only changing the conditions of themselves.

Dr. McIntosh asserted that these dependent factors are in short supply in today’s Liberia, given the situations faced by Liberians, He however, cautioned Liberians to look and act beyond party politics, family relations and friendship but in the interest of the country. To achieve this, he wants Liberians regroup and work harder with honesty in order to reclaim its rightful space in the global arena.

“Liberia needs a new kind of thinking in its approach to growth and development; Liberian leaders and people must for a start, rewrite a new narrative to ensure the survival and development of mama Liberia. We must redefine the political structures and economic directions of the nation state, this is a must and a precondition if our people are to be lifted out of abject poverty and if our dear country is to be taken off the slope of underdevelopment” says Dr McIntosh.

The veteran Liberian politician pointed out the need for a strong Liberian Leadership team that is competent, resourceful, tested in administration and management, one that creates new opportunities for the most underserved among Liberian and a governing structure and system capable of formulating and implementing smart policies, strategies and programs; of which he thinks Mr Cummings possesseyd a half of it.

“My assessment of the presidential candidates shows that Mr. Alexander B. Cummings(ABC) has most of all that it takes to adequately serve as captain of a well-prepared team to save our dear country (Liberia) out of the doldrums of the woes and depression we are experiencing today; it is against this conviction that I, Toga Gayewea McIntosh do hereby through this platform publicly endorse the presidential bid of candidate Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress(ANC) and to pledge my support in the ABC Real Change Revolution. Now is the time for our people and country to experience real and positive change, and I do believe that ABC can be our successful captain” said Dr. McIntosh.

According to Dr McIntosh, ABC has exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision and exemplary and purposeful leadership to bring about real change that would liberate liberate Liberia and as such, he’s the best candidate for the 2023 presidential elections.

Meanwhile, Dr McIntosh is at the same time rallying Liberians for a successful presidential bid of Mr. Cummings in the upcoming 2023 general elections in order to have a great leadership that will meet the needs of every Liberian.

Dr. Toga Gayewea McIntosh is a member of the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), a founding member of the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), former Foreign Affairs Minister and has over 30 years of working experience in the Liberian Government.

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