Lofa County, Faya, September 29, 2021 WTVNEWS LIBERIA: Friends of Senator elect J. Brownie SAMUKAI in Lofa County have threatened to declare Lofa County a country If the National Elections Commission (NEC) refuses to certificate Hon. SAMUKAI.

Hon. SAMUKAI was declared winner in the December 2020 Senatorial Elections in Lofa County. The Certification of the Senator Elect has been placed on hold due to a case against him on alleged misappropriation of Soldiers Money. The Court has ordered SAMUKAI and Co-defendants to pay the full amount or serve respective jail sentences.

Friends of Sumakai along with other citizens in Lofa told WOMEN TV-LIBERIA that they have been denied full representation at the level of the Liberian Senate though pointing accusing fingers at President George Weah and his government of been the masterminds of what is happening to Samukai and the people of Lofa County.

They vowed that no Government officials will be allowed to enter Lofa county for what they termed as government constant disregard and disrespect to the leaders and people of Lofa

“I want the PUL to carry this message to the President, let him certificate our Senator,
we are awaiting the court but the court is delaying us, in fact the court is not even the one we have problem with, there are few people hand inside and we know some of our Lofa people hands are inside as well”, One of the friends of Sumakai said.

“People pretend to like Lofa but they don’t like Lofa, they only coming to fight for themselves, not seeking the interest of the people”.

“We will be by ourselves and will do everything by ourselves if our Senator is not certificated”, they noted.

Jerry T. Robert, Youth chair of Friends of Samukai indicated said Deputy Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism Jarlawa Tonpo during his opening statement at the Press Union of Liberia program in Lofa was only concerned about Pres. Weah birthday celebration and refused to highlight some major challenges lofaians are going through including bad road conditions. “He even refused to recognize our Senator-elect Brownie Samukia which makes me very angry”, Jerry said.

He said the statement to declare Lofa County as a country meets the consent of the entire County “We are in pain, we can’t continue like this, we need to be represented at the decision-making table”, he ended.

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