LISESE Wants President Boakai Withdraw Nominations at Mines and Energy Ministry

By: Sylvester Choloplay

Liberia: The Liberian Society for Earth Scientists and Engineers (LISESE) is calling on President Joseph Boakai to withdraw his nominations of Agatius B. Coker as Inspector General of the Ministry of Mines and Energy and Charles Dennis as Director of Mines, Republic of Liberia.

According to LISESE, Agatius B. Coker is a sociologist and Charles Dennis is an Accountant. The group thinks these nominees are not fit for their positions because they lack the required background of engineering practices.

Speaking to a group of reporters in Paynesville on Tuesday, 26th March 2024, LISESE’s Co-Chairperson Alponson K. Hena disclosed that the Civil Service Agency, which governs civil servants in Liberia, has set clear guidelines and qualifications for directors and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Mines & Energy, which are in harmony with the accreditation principles of LISESE.

“The news of appointments of persons in the minerals and mining sector, in contravention of the Constitution, guidelines of the Civil Service Agency and accreditation of LISESE has raised concerns of major stakeholders in the minerals and mining sectors’, Mr. Hena revealed.

He said the Liberia Society for Earth Scientists and Engineers is dedicated to the advancement and prosperity of the minerals and mining sector within Liberia, acknowledging the critical importance of competent leadership and governance within the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

LISESE was established to advocate for and promote the welfare and secure job opportunities for Liberian Earth/Geoscientists and Engineers through accreditation to local and foreign individuals seeking to practice or work in Liberia’s minerals and mining sector.

“LISESE acknowledges the appointment powers of the Chief Executive on the ministerial level to ministers, deputy and assistant ministers, as outlined in Article 54(a) of the Constitution of Liberia. We express our profound disagreement with the appointment of non-professionals to positions reserved for professionals with the requisite academic qualification in Earth/Geosciences and Mining Engineering, particularly to the positions of Inspector General and Director of Mines at the Ministry of Mines &Energy”, Mr. Hena further emphasized.

The LISESE’s Co-Chairperson urged authorities who are responsible for appointments to consider their decision which he said has the propensity of degrading their noble and prestigious geoscience and mining professions, and might have significant contributions to the development of Liberia.

“We encourage all future appointments to be based on merit, experience and requisite qualifications relevant to the responsibilities of the respective positions, where applicable. LISESE urges the Government of Liberia to prioritize the development of a robust and transparent regulatory framework for the mining sector, ensuring compliance with international best practices and standards. We herewith offer our expertise in partnering with the Government in this regard,” MR. Hena concluded.

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