Monrovia, September 16, 2021, WTVNEWS LIBERIA: The Four Collaborating Political Parties or CPP National Secretary-General has officially written the Unity Party informing them that the tenure of Liberty Party as head of the CPP has ended as per the CPP Framework Documentary consistent with Article 9.3 (3).

According to Martin Saye Kollah Liberty Party’s chairmanship at the CPP ends effective September 19, 2021 and as such “I am pleased to inform the Unity Party through your good office that the Liberty Party is prepared to transition the CPP leadership to the Unity Party consistent with Article 9.3 3 of the CPP framework Document.

The statement issued by the CPP National Secretary-General addressed to the National Secretary-General of the Unity Party Mohammed Ali with Cc copies to Unity Party Chairman, Amin Modad, Liberty Party Political Leader and CPP Chair on National Advisory Council Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence and Liberty Party’s Chairman and Chair on the CPP National Executive Committee Musa Hassan Bility noted that the communication serves as notice and request for a transitional meeting to be held on Monday, September 19, 2021 at the CPP’s Headquarters on 19th Street in sinkor.

Kollah who is also the Secretary-General of the Liberty Party said during the meeting they will discuss and agree upon the date for the formal turning over ceremony to the Unity Party.

“Please let this communication serve as notice and request for the transition meeting to be held on Monday September 19, 2021, at the CPP Headquarters on 19th Street beachside at 1:Pm, during this meeting we will discuss and agree upon the date for the formal turning over ceremony” Kolleh’s Communications concluded.

Recently, leaders of the Four Collaborating Political Parties extended the mandate of the CPP’s Chairmanship to Sen. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence who is currently serving as chair something that has been widely condemned by some members of the collaborating parties and outside of the party.
Members of the collaborating parties have since said the CPP leader’s action to extend Karnga Lawrences’ mandate violates the CPP Framework Document.

They said leaders of the CPP do not have the exclusive power to extend any member of the leadership mandate.

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