By: Jerromie S. Walters
Monserrado County-Liberia: Following months of internal wrangling within the Liberty Party among different factions and coupled with the release of suspended officials, LP Political Leader has with immediate effect nullified the party’s January 21-23, 2021 Convention.

The convention brought into being elected officials of the party including the current chairman, Mr. Bility.

LP Political Leader nullification of the convention ends the effectiveness of elected officials during the process, including Mr. Musa Hassan Bility.

Sen. KARNGA Lawrence made the disclosure today during a press conference at the Party’s branch headquarters on the old road, Sinkor.

By virtue of her proclamation, the Liberty Party has returned to status quo ante, with Senator Stephen Zargo assuming the leadership of Liberty Party as Chairman.

Senator Lawrence justified her actions in line with Article 5 Section 1 (d) of the Liberty Party (LP) 2015 Constitution which designates the Political Leader as the Convener of the Special National Convention.

She further confirmed that In the coming days, the Chairman (Sen. Zargo) will convene a meeting of all stakeholders, including Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, who reverts to his previous role as Chairman of the National Advisory Council, to decide the future of the party.

Assuring zero tolerance to any of the party members who might attempt to act in any given position, if not granted by the Party’s 2015 constitution, Senator Lawrence said such members will be penalized and possibly subjected from upholding positions within the party.

“Such behavior is classified as fraudulent and unlawful; as such, any partisan found impersonating an authority not granted by the 2015 constitution will be subject to disciplinary actions up to and including disqualification from holding LP office in the future”, Senator Lawrence expanded.

In response to her reported suspension of failure to ensure her due payment, Senator Lawrence acknowledged the importance of due payment, but fraud at the Party’s former Chairman for ignoring the efforts of several executive members who have immensely contributed to the progress of the party over the years.

“There are people in this party whose due cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents. Talking about the Political Leader? The Financial burden we bear on a daily basis is immeasurable. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to help sustain our institution including a total of thirty thousand (30,000.00) to rent our former headquarters at Catholic Junction from 2018-2020”, she explained.

However, Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence also confirmed that to a certain extent that the Vice Chair for International and Diaspora Affairs Mr. Philip Suah was left with no other option but to send his due to the personal account of Madam Wadei Powell, National Treasurer.

She further alleged that both Mr. Musa Bility and Madam Powell proceeded to unilaterally change all bank information without making the information available to those termed as “those they consider their men-of-war”.

The Liberty Party (LP) political leader however called on supporters of the party to ensure full commitment in their due payment, regardless of their financial status.

“Indeed, due payment is an honorable thing, and I encourage our partisans to pay their dues regardless of their financial positions@, she said.

Accordingly, the political leader said supporters of the Liberty Party (LP) are under obligation to protect their party’s constitutional foundation, ensure that the benefits of rule of law prevail in the midst of all, considering the rights of the weakest member, as important as the strongest among them.

For his part, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon denied critics’ views about LP’s commitment in ensuring to settle its dispute in order to gain relevance for 2023.
The CPP Lawmaker said the Liberty Party (LP) takes priority in having its activities on strike, and the decision for 2023 is secondary.

He further called on the public not to give credence to Mr. Musa Bility’s suspension allegation, stressing that it’s a mere political joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

At the same time, there have been reports that the replaced LP Chairman has alerted of having the matter forwarded to the National Elections Commission (NEC) for redress.

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