The Story of Leymah…

During the heat of the Ebola Crisis, Leymah had the opportunity to travel the great United States of America. Unlike others, Leymah struggled through the heat of life’s battle and got a job to get her daily bread.

If anyone had told Leymah that she would’ve earned a Master or a double Master’s degree at that time, the cloud of doubts would have overshadowed the possibility of such a feat.

But today, Leymah Thalia Lopai, a native of Bong County, is walking out of the University of Phoenix with Double Masters degree at age 35.

Leymah isn’t just graduating as a mere student but as a SUMA CUMLAUDE with Masters of Health and Masters of Business, the highest honor.

As a mother of two young kids, Leymah has had some of the worse challenges of life, ranging from divorce, loss of job, numerous turn downs by family, friends and more but yet through everything, she still managed to study and remain a scholar until now.

Leymah is a Scholar, and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success in the United States, member of the Golden Key Society of America, President List, 4.0 GPA, member of Upsilon Phi Delta (a national academic honor society).

Today, WOMEN TV-LIBERIA Celebrates this young Liberian woman who is winning big in the United States of America.

Congratulations Leymah!


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