JUDICIAL STAFFERS GET RELIEVED…As Finance Minister Promises Three (3) Month Salaries in October 2020


TEMPLE OF JUSTICE-October 13, 2020-WTVNEWS: It took the Judicial Staffers three weeks of continuous Protestation and blocking the driveway of the Chief Justice Francis Korkpor and bringing normal activities at a standstill from the Temple of Justice in Monrovia.
The Protesters chanted slogans: “Rogue Rogue Francis Korkpor Rogue Rogue”, in demand of what they termed as 9 months salaries and benefits.

Though the Liberia National Police (LNP) was seen violently dragging protesters out of the premises of the Courtyard, the loudness of the call for their just benefits reached the government’s ministry responsible for the disbursement of funds.

Liberia’s Finance Minister Samuel Tweah arrived on the protest scene to calm the protesters and provided concrete information relating to issues surrounding the protest.

Min. Tweah explained that the current harmonization policy affected the three branches of government as such, judicial workers will now see a new formulate for salaries moving forward.

The aggrieved protesters alleged that the Chief Justice had eaten the Liberian Dollar component of their salaries, something the Finance Minister refuted and said that all monies have been harmonized.

In an apparent mood to calm angry Judicial workers who are breadwinners of their families, the Finance Minister promised a three-month salary to staffers affecting July to September which will be issued in a bulk check.

“There will be a new formula of salaries beginning October going forward. A bulk check will be given to all Judiciary workers which will include three months’ salary beginning from July to September.
He further clarified that Judicial workers like other arms of government will begin to pay taxes across all monies received for salaries and benefits.

‘You never use to pay taxes before, especially the Judiciary branch of government, but as of now all Judiciary workers are going to be paying taxes, it applies to all citizens of Liberia. During harmonization, all Liberian Dollars was calculated to the equivalent of USD so no government worker is taking Liberian Dollars salary. Legitimate workers who have not been receiving salaries will be settled.

Min. Tweah refuted claims that government workers have not been paid over the last 12 months as alleged by the protesters. “No government workers have not been pay for 12months, this government is doing it can to pay civil servants and or government works on time. The only thing there is a little confusion over the full roll-out plan of the harmonization process which is technical and we’ll continue to engage you to provide the needed information, so no one is eating your money”.

The Protesting Judicial Staffers hope that the statement by the Finance Minister will come to fruition this October 2020 as promised in an effort to relieve their families of economic burden.

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