In Maryland County…. MAN, 38, ALLEGEDLY SODOMIZES 12yrs OLD BOY

HARPER-OCTOBER 4, 2021-WTVNEWS: Police in Harper, Maryland County have arrested and forwarded to Court Edward D. Knight, 38yrs for alleged sodomy against a 12yrs old boy.

Medical examination proves forceful penetration and laceration in and out
Of the child’s anus.

Suspect Edward has denied allegations linking him to sodomy.

According to Police examination, on September 24,2021, the 12yrs old boy had gone to Edward shop to purchase an item when he asked the boy to help him with other chores of the shop. The boy refused on grounds that his grandmother needed the item he had gone to purchased but promised to return later.

Later that evening, almost night time, the little returned to the shop and ask to do the chores but Edward asked him to go behind the counter and remove his clothes and Edward did same. “He told me to bend down and took his Toto (penis) and put it in my butt (anus), I was shouting for help but the place close and no one could hear me. Afterwards he removed and said he didn’t enjoy anything and I should come back the next day and should never tell anyone, else I will die.”

The Police Investigation with the grandmother revealed that the little had experienced severe pain before breaking the news to his grandmother, who immediately took him to the hospital and informed the Police.

The little boy is said to be receiving medical treatment at the moment.

The case which was reportedly heard in the Magisterial Court has been transferred to the Fourth Judiciary Circuit Court for trial during November’s Term of Court.

Sodomy is a breach of Section 14.70 of the Revised Rape law of Liberia which states that a person who has sexual intercourse with another (Male or Female) has committed rape if; (a) He intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus, mouth, or any other opening of another person (Male or female) with his penis without the victim’s consent.

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