In Bong County, Violent Storm Leaves Over Hundreds Homeless; As Victims Plead For Assistance

By: Matalay Kollie

GARMUE, Bong County: MARCH 20, 2024: Following a violent Storm disaster in Garmue town, more than one hundred fifty (150) residents in the area have been made homeless, thereby leaving them without hope as they seek refuge at the homes of others in nearby towns and villages. The Violent Storm damaged over one hundred (100) houses and destroyed other valuable materials.

Garmue town is situated in the Panta Administrative District, Bong County around the border region between Liberia and Guinea.

The Storm Victims told Women’s TV-Liberia that the incident happened over the weekend on March 16 & 17, 2024. Speaking to our reporter in separate frustrated tones, the victims narrated that the situation is posing a serious threat to their wellbeing thus serving as an obstacle to their daily activities.

The hopeless citizens further stated, that as a result of the incident, they are unable to care for the needs of their families.

They are however pleading for assistance from local and national officials of the county to kindly aid them in the process of renovating their homes.

They named bundles of zinc, cartoons of zinc nails, and bags of Cement amongst others as essential construction materials urgently needed to renovate their houses. The Storm Victims are also seeking clothing, food, and cooking utensils for their upkeep as they grapple with the life-challenging situation.

They fear that if nothing is quickly done to restore their homes, they are likely to encounter illnesses like Malaria, Cold, and other airborne diseases as a result of sleeping in open areas in the nearby bushes.

In a related development, a similar storm disaster recently hit residents of Jannepleta, Jorquelleh District-3, on March 10, 2024. The Jannepleta’s violent storm unroofed over five houses, thus leaving about ten families homeless and also damaging valuable materials.

Moreover, the Storm Victims are also appealing to goodwill individuals, county officials, and philanthropist organizations to quickly aid them in renovating their damaged homes or constructing temporary shelters that can accommodate them in their difficult times. The Storm Victims are also in desperate need of food, clothing, building materials, and essential cooking utensils amongst others.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Red Cross recently dispatched a team of volunteers to Garmue town to assess the damage and evaluate the urgent needs of the affected communities.

The organization has started aiding the Storm Victims by mobilizing resources and support to impact affected individuals in the area.
“We are mobilizing resources and support to provide essential aid to those impacted by this devastating event”, a post on the official Facebook page of the Liberia National Red Cross added.

The Red Cross Society has also disclosed plans to reach out to individuals, organizations, and partners, urging them to join the response efforts to alleviate the suffering of the storm-affected people in Panta District, Bong County.
“We welcome donations, partnerships, and collaborations from everyone who shares our commitment to providing timely assistance to those in need”, the communication added.

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