Human RIGHTS GROUP CONDEMNS POLICE BRUTALITY AGAINST PROTESTERS… Calls for an independent investigation into Alieu Sheriff’s death…

LIBERIA -August 4, 2021, WTVNEWS: The Civil Society Human Rights Platform of Liberia has strongly condemned the growing wave of Police brutality throughout the country.

Commenting on the recent Justice Protest for the late truck driver, the CSO Human Rights platform emphasized the need for the establishment of an independent body comprising professional people to investigate the death of Mr. Aliue Sheriff a truck conductor who was allegedly beaten to death by three officers of the Liberia National Police.

On July 28, 2020, Alieu Sheriff, a truck conductor, was allegedly beaten to death by three officers of the Liberia National Police along the Japanese Freeway.
Following the alleged police brutality, several aggrieved Liberians staged protests in parts of Monrovia against the alleged act of brutality perpetrated against Alieu.

The protesters who gathered at the Liberia National Police Headquarters, Liberian Legislature, and the Temple of Justice to demand justice into the killing of Alieu Sheriff were later teargas after more than an hour of protesting.

Wednesday at a news press conference in Congo Town, the Secretary-General of the CSO Human Rights platform Adama Dempster recommended that the LNP should not be investigating its officers because past human rights abuses investigated by the police did not yield any fruitful result.

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