HOUSE TO GET ELECTRONIC VOTING EQUIPMENT, As Rhode Island Representative Pledges

Capitol Hill-WTVNEWS: Rhode Island Representative Hon. Nathan Biah has stressed the need for the display of Legislative governance through transparent voting at the Legislature.

As it is done in the United States, Congress Men and Women vote electronically, something which makes it easier for public participation through viewing.

Hon. Biah promised to donate electric voting machines for the House of Representatives to ensure that the Liberian House can practice modernize Legislative democracy through voting.

Currently, the House votes secretly at times and openly where necessary on issues of national concern.

Meanwhile the US Congress Man, Hon. Biah also indicated that his visit as part of the Bicentennial is geared towards rebranding the Educational Sector of Liberia.

As the chair on Education at the Lower House, US Congress, it is imperative that the Legislature take critical steps to ensure the sector remains vibrant.

Hon. Biah is a native of Nimba County Currently serving as Representative of Rhode Island District 3 at the US Congress.

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