House Speaker Gets Tougher…Mandates Audit of House’s Payroll

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Capitol Hill: The Speaker of the 55th House of Representatives Cllr. J Fonati Koffa has ordered a comprehensive audit of the payroll of employees of the House of Representatives.

According to Speaker Koffa, the move is intended to foster transparency and accountability at the House of Representatives.

Speaker Koffa also noted that the process is to identify and rectify any discrepancies in the payroll, particularly with the aim of eliminating ghost employees from the House’s payroll system.

“The audit is set to ensure that the financial resources allocated to the House are utilized judiciously and in accordance with established procedures”, he added.

The Speaker emphasized that the importance of this initiative is to maintain the integrity of the House and ensuring that public funds are utilized responsibly.

He at the sametime expressed the commitment of the 55th Legislature to upholding the highest standards of governance and accountability. This is intended to protect the dignity of the Honorable House of Representatives.

“This audit is a proactive step to address any potential irregularities and to streamline our payroll system. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of trust and responsibility in the service of the public.” He said.

Speaker Koffa stressed that the Committee on Rules, Order, and Administration will lead the audit process, carefully reviewing the payroll records of all employees at the House of Representatives and report to plenary within a month.

The Committee on Rules, Order, and Administration will provide regular updates on the progress of the audit, and the findings will be made public to demonstrate the House’s commitment to transparency.

The audit is expected to be thorough and comprehensive, involving a meticulous examination of employee records and cross-referencing them with attendance and other relevant documentation. The goal is to identify any discrepancies, including instances of ghost employees or unauthorized payments.

The Speaker also urged full cooperation from all House employees during the audit process, assuring them that the exercise is aimed at improving the overall efficiency and accountability of the House’s operations.

Analysts say this is the first time for a sitting speaker to order the comprehensive audit of the House’s payroll. They hope the process to yield the results as expected.

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