“HE USED KNIFE TO CUT MY NECK”, Jessica Lloyd Accuses American Missionary Lucas Richard

Liberia: Jessica Lloyd, the young Liberian who was recently allegedly attacked by Lucas Richard, the Executive Director of Administration at the Indigenous Mission TIM, Inc., a Creekside-supported missionary and an American national, says she was allegedly deceived by Lucas Richard to aid him in repairing his vehicle tire, at said point he suddenly hit the back of her head with a huge iron, and slitted her neck with a knife.

In a recent video, Jessica Lloyd revealed that while driving their way from Bardnesville, they irrelevantly stopped at different locations, because Lucas Richard insisted that he wanted to urinate and take a walk in the cemetery. According to her, Lucas Richard requested for three breaks in less than an hour, before they arrived to where the incident occurred.

Following the different breaks along their way, she disclosed that he (Lucas Richard) didn’t harm her until they got to an isolated area, where he again insisted that he needed to address an issue he had with his vehicle tire.

“I was sitting in the car at first, but when he got down, he said Jessica I think you will need to help me, he brought the other iron outside, like you can be turning it, then he held the other tick and long iron in his hand, he said just be turning it until I can finish with the other side, I said ok but I was not thinking on anything, so I was turning it he said dirt in your hair, so he opened up my hair, I felt that he was cleaning the dirt, so he hit it, I heard boom!, so I felt the car tire burst or the thing I was turning had current and it jerked me, I fell on the ground and I started jerking, but then I woke up, but he push me back on the ground, when he pushed me on the ground, it’s like that’s the time he was cutting my neck but I didn’t feel it,” she said.

Following this awkward moment, she narrated that she couldn’t and can’t still figure out what happened next, because she was unconscious.

Earlier, while driving along the Japanese Freeway, Jessica referenced that they made several unnecessary breaks, “He said he knows a certain place around the same Bardnesville side, going Dry Rice Market, he said he been there before, he and his other adopted children in Liberia. He said they been there before they went to the waterside to see the area, but it’s like that’s where he wanted to do it and just throw me in the water. So when we went there, you know the grona boys them, they saw white man they wanted money so he said he missed the road, so they directed him the place, but the children was behind us so he couldn’t do anything.”

“Firstly, before we could get down from the car, he took out the knife, big knife, he said you know I’m afraid of snake so incase if I see snake, then we will kill it, and I was not expecting anything of such, I laughed with it, so we got down from the car, he put the knife in his pocket.”

Jessica further articulated, “After we went to the river side, the people was plenty there so he couldn’t do anything, so later, we went to some kind of bush area, he said he wanted to pee (urinate), so I said let me hold the water bottle, but after peeing (urinating), he said he saw some kind of animal in the bush. The knife was in his pocket, he said come see, I’m seeing something like animal, the eyes are shining, that’s how I said I’m also afraid, so I stood up behind him, when he got through, I asked him to wash his hand.”

She added, “When we went in front, he said he wanted to pee (urinate) again, so he said stand behind me small because the smaller children can be passing around, that’s how I stood behind him but not too closed, when he got through, that’s how we looked for the direction the car was.”

At a certain point, Jessica said Lucas Richard even suggested that they take a walk in the cemetery, but she refused.

Lucas Richard’s testimony

Lucas Richard recently told investigators that Jessica Lloyd was hit by a motorcyclist. In a recent video, Lucas Richard narrated a story that completely contradicts Jessica and the witnesses’ statements.

He said prior to the incident, he and Jessica Lloyd visited the Harbel supermarket in Tweh Farm, Bushrod island, and after they were done with their shopping, he then drove her toward her parents home, but she later insisted that she wanted to stop to where the incident occurred in Cardwell, to get a motorcycle to drop her at her parents’ place.

Accordingly, he alluded that she left from his vehicle, but while awaiting a motorcycle along the road, she was hit by another motorcycle. Lucas Richard said he was fortunate to have watched the incident, because after Jessica Lloyd got down from his vehicle, he too got out to repair his vehicle tire which he said had a little problem.

“She’s standing on the side of the road, and I’m standing there doing the jack thing and next thing I know is a motorbike just came from nowhere and hits her,” he said.

Furthermore, he stated, “The motorbike hit her, she fell backward, I think she even fell backward and hit the edge of the road because she had blood coming.” Following this, he said he hastily went to aid her, but unfortunately, the same motorcyclist that hit her, told his colleagues and other individuals that were around that he (Lucas Richard) was attempting to murder Jessica Lloyd.

Furthermore, he said he quickly placed Jessica Lloyd back in his vehicle and she advised him to leave the scene because the aggrieved residents other individuals who were there would have harm him.

This, as revealed by him (Lucas Richard) wasn’t successful, because he was aggressively confronted by those that were on the scene.

Who’s Lucas Richard?

Lucas Richard is a Missionary that’s serving in Liberia, West Africa, as the Executive Director of Administration at the Indigenous Mission TIM, Inc., who confounded with Alfred Varney.

The NGO runs a primary school called Grace Christian Academy with 200 students, in addition to youth ministry, sustainable agricultural ministry, and medical missions.

He served as Missionary of

Ireland Outreach International from

Jan 2011 – Jan 2015, and as assistant director to the International Director for IOI.

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