“Halt New Health Institutions Accreditation”,Dean of Tubman University College of Health Sciences Urges Government

By: Moses Geply

Harper- Maryland: The Dean of the College of Health Sciences at William V. S. Tubman University, Dr. Joseph Augustus Verdier, is calling on the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health to halt the accreditation of newly formed health institutions across the country.

“New health Schools should not be accredited, let’s build and develop the old ones that we have”.

Dr. Verdier’s call comes in response to concerns about the quality of healthcare services and the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework for these already established health institutions that are not meeting the financial needs of nurses.

“I think what the government needs to start doing now is to stop accrediting new health institutions and focus on how to improve the already established ones, specifically when it comes to payment of our nurses who are sacrificing day and night in our health institutions across the country”, Dr. Verdier noted.

As a respected figure in the field of healthcare and education, he emphasized this issue during the occasion marking the 10th Capping, Badging, and Candle-lighting ceremony of the nurse’s students over the weekend in Harper Maryland County.

His concerns primarily centered around the potential repercussions of rapid growth in the number of health institutions without adequate compensation to health workers.

“With no insults to my fellow Doctors present at this occasion, I am a physician as well, imagine when doctors graduate, they get work to do; their pay is taking the upward trend whereas nurses’ pay goes the opposite, and yes we say want quality health care system in this country” he stated m.

” I call on all Physicians and Doctors across this country to collectively advocate for our nurses, they are the front liners, and they must be properly compensated as well to truly make health care a teamwork in Liberia”.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Verdier emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards in healthcare and medical education. He stated, “While the growth of health institutions can be seen as a positive development, we must ensure that they meet the necessary standards and adhere to regulatory guidelines to provide quality healthcare services.”

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