God’s Glory Fellowship Mother Identifies With Disadvantaged Youths

By: Laymah Kollie

Paynesville -June 23,2023-: A local prayer Ministry, God’s Glory Prayer Fellowship General Oversear today identified with scores of At-Risk Youths in Duport road, District 4, Montserrado County.

Mother Elizabeth Kollie’s gesture to the young people was in observance of her birth anniversary. The Ministry, located in the Duport road community, currently conducts robust general fast and prayer and humanitarian services.

According Mother Kollie, no child is limited, as such; she has embarked on a journey to rehabilitate disadvantaged youths in the country which is expected to be launched in August of this year.

The gesture and celebration began with a mini service and distribution of cooked meal to feed the youths currently using drugs.

Madam Kollie disclosed that her her fellowship will not only make physical efforts in saving the younger generation but will also conduct an intense prayer habit.

“We chose them because God give me his word that no child is limited . With this vision I came to tell them that they are not limited, that they should rise up and that Liberia depend on them. I will be launching this program on the 24 of August and it is intended to get them off the street”, Mother Kollie said.

The Woman of God believes that in order for young drug users leave the street, it also requires God’s intervention.
She however rallied Liberian women to join her fellowship in fasting and praying for their kids every Wednesday.

“I’m telling mothers that we should meet and set a prayer time for our children because I see some mothers putting their kids outside. We can’t do this on our own, there’s a need we organize ourselves and do these prayers because God first.”

The growing number of disadvantaged youths in the country continue to raise alarm as they are being seen as national threat to democracy, peace and stability.

During the program, the young people lauded Mother Kollie and her fellowship for remembering to share with them during these trying times.

They also expressed dissatisfaction over their living conditions and rallied government and humanitarians gesture in taking them from the street. The youths stated that they are unhappy about their hobbies but are unable to leave the street without the help of others.

According to them, eventhough they are seen as threat to democracy and Peace by ordinary citizens , there is a need for prompt rehabilitation for them.

“We are fed up with this street life Mamie, we are so tired , we are tired to the extent that we can’t take it no more, we need help” Elijah Sala of Harmon field Ghetto in Montserrado.

Furthermore, Emmanuel Tokpa of Harmon field Ghetto expressed dissatisfaction over the way they are being treated by citizens in the country, nothing, that some of them were abandoned but society mentality consider them to be criminals, while referring to them with many awful names.

“Some of us they abandoned us, threw us away. They call us Zogos , disadvantage youths, criminals and all sort of names . We need help, we want to leave this habit but we can’t do it on our own. While we are here we members of the Harmon field Ghetto also want to let you know that we are tire of here” Emmanuel Tokpa stressed.

According to 2022 statistics from the National Steering Committee on the rehabilitation of At-Risk Youths in the country, there are an estimated 150,000.00 drug users and over 10,000.00 ghetto across the fifteen Counties of Liberia.

Civil Society Organizations and Humanitarians are currently addressing the situation through programs and initiatives but much is yet to be done in terms of rehabilitation in Liberia.

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