“Fraudsters are Using Senators Names to Scam Liberians for Job” Senator Prince Moye Alarms

By: Laymah Kollie

Monrovia-February 29,2024: The Liberian Senate Chairperson on Ways, Means, Finance and Budget Prince Kermue Moye has alarmed to Plenary of the Liberian Senate a fraudulent act currently being portrayed by people impersonating Senators.

According to Senator Moye, the scammers are calling local inhabitants in reference to Senators names and requesting money from them in exchange for job.

“Fraudster using Senators name to extract money from nominees.
On no occasion that I senator Moye in particular will take money from someone in Vainjima to make the person Superintendent”.

Placing the matter on the floor in Plenary on Thursday, the Senator stressed that Presidential nominees are also being affected by the fraudsters.

Narrating further, “they will call people and say Senator Moye wants scratch card for the confirmation hearing coming up. They are scamming people! We are not in the know”.

In reference to Senator Moye’s claim, Grand Gedeh Senator Thomas Yaya Nimely confirmed being a victim of the action.

Explaining his disappointment in Plenary, Senator Nimely made mention that his name was used recently by impersonators to scam locals.

“Yesterday I had an encounter with one. Someone called yesterday and used my name for fraud, I have one of the numbers” he explained.

However, Senator Zoe Pennue of Grand Gedeh County warned nominees to stop asking business partners for money in the name of Senators compensation during confirmation hearings.

He believes, this action by some nominees is giving rise to fraud and damaging the reputation of Lawmakers.

Senator Pennue then challenged nominees to visit confirmation hearings without any intention of bribing the body.

“We need to make it clear to nominees, we are not taking money from any of them. If you know you are qualified come here with your documents. Those other people already confirmed are not better than you”

Meanwhile, other senators then recommended an awareness procedure about the issue to the public through the media.

“Let’s get our Secretary to help us do announcements on Radio and put it in newspapers” Senator Joseph Jallah of Lofa County.

“The public must be aware. There are people running around negatively with Senators name. Let it be clear that no nominee is to negotiate with any staff, senators to get positions” Senator Abraham Dillon of Montserrado stressed.

A final decision was placed on the floor for awareness to be made by the media through the press department of the Liberian Senate.

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