For proper Information Dissemination on Land Rights…Liberia Land Authority Conducts Training

BY: Bong County Correspondent

Gbarnga, Bong County-October 10, 2020-WTVNEWS: The Liberia Land Authority(LLA) has ended a three-day training on information dissemination of the Land Rights Act (LRA) and the Liberia Land Authority Act (LLAA).

The training was intended to educate participants on how to disseminate information on the Land Rights Acts and the Liberia Land Authority Acts to their constituency.

The three days event brought together Superintendents, local journalists, community mobilizers, LLA staff, and civil society organizations from Bong Lofa and Nimba Counties.

“We have observed the lack of proper information dissemination in the communities among the citizens and this is why the Liberia Land Authority is conducting this training that these people will serve as voices for the entity in their respective communities and counties” Mr. Emmanuel Davies, LLA Communication officer stated.

“We are targeting the fifteen counties of Liberia and this training is sponsored by World Bank” he mentioned.

The training with the thematic theme Ensuring Land Rights for All Liberians was held at the Gbarnga Administrative Building from October 7-9 2020.

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