For Describing Residents of Kokoyah District one as ‘Uneducated and Belly-Driven’ Bong Senator Moye Apologizes

By: Matalay S. Kollie, Bong County Correspondent

Kokoryah, Bong County: Bong County Senator Prince K. Moye has openly apologize to the people of Electoral district one for his recent unpleasant statement made against them.

During a recent meeting between residents of the district and the management of MNG GOLD, a Turkish mining company operating in the area, Bong County Senator Prince Moye was heard describing residents of the district including chiefs and elders as uneducated and belly-driven people.

The Senator’s statement came after residents of the district alarmed the company alleged abandonment of an agreement made by the management of MNG GOLD Liberia in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

According to some disenchanted residents of the district, since the agreement was signed between the company and officials of the district, the management of the MNG mining company has refused to live up to some essential promises made to them.

They named the construction of Schools, pavement of some major roads in the district, construction of hospitals, and the employment of young people of the district amongst other as needed developmental initiatives the company has failed to live up to in the agreement.

But, during an engagement meeting recently with the management of the company and other officials of Bong County, upon hearing an information that the company has now decided to discontinue mining activities in the area due the low demand and less selling price of Gold on the international market, the Bong County Senator was heard allegedly defending the mining company.

Sen Moye noted that the company has lived-up to promises made during the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding between the company and officials of the district.

The Bong County Senator was also heard describing residents of the district including chiefs and elders as uneducated people who are always demanding MNG GOLD to build school in their district.

“You people don’t know how to read and write then your want for the company to build school for your—– whole day your saying fuen-fuen only your belly your behind”, Senator Moye added.

Following these statements from the Senator, the entire citizenry of Bong County condemned Senator Moye’s Statements and called on him to openly apologize to residents of the district and the County by extension.

The citizens said Senator Moye was very wrong to have referred to people who elected him as Senator of the County as uneducated and belly-driven.

After receiving many condemnations from citizens of Bong County for the above-mentioned statements, Senator Moye later took a tour back to the district and openly apologized to the disenfranchised Kokoyah citizens.

According to him the statements made by him were not intentional; thereby calling on residents of the district including Chiefs and elders to forgive him.

“My statement was not really meant to insult you people but at times people can take things differently ” he added.

Meanwhile, traditional leaders of the district have accepted the Senator’s apology; but called on him to officially schedule a day to sit and discuss with residents of Kokoyah district.

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