False! The Incident of man cutting off wife’s hand, happened in Nigeria, not Liberia

By: Laymah Kollie

Flag of Bong. Source: Google, Flying Colours

Claim: Hope TV-Liberia in CDC-TV NEWS (a Facebook group) alleged that a man in Bong County cut his wife’s hand for LD$3500.

Verdict: False! Bong County Police Superintendent Fasu Sheriff told DUBAWA that no such case has come to the knowledge of the Police in Bong. Also, Reverse Image Search shows that the incident took place in Jos, Nigeria, where a man chopped off his wife’s hand for N3000.

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An online Television, Hope TV-Liberia shared a post in CDC-TV NEWS’ Facebook group that a man in Bong County (central region of Liberia) cut the hand of his wife for the amount of LD$3500. The post didn’t mention the location of the incident in Bong, nor gave the particulars of the accused person.

“Bong County, a man allegedly cut off his wife’s hand because of LD$3500,” the post said.

A screenshot of the post.

The post generated 39 reactions and 33 comments at the time of this writing.

In the comment section, people considered the act cruel and called for justice to prevail.

However, DUBAWA felt suspicious about the report and decided to investigate.


DUBAWA contacted the Police Commander of Bong to inquire about the incident in the area. According to Police Superintendent Fasu Sheriff, the case has not come to the attention of the Police, but they are investigating the allegation.

“It is not to my knowledge. I have called my deputies in the various depots but they have not confirmed such a case. We are not aware but we are still investigating,” Col. Fasu Sheriff, Bong Police Superintendent.

Also, a Google Reverse Image Search of the image revealed that it emanated from Nigeria.

A Nigerian News Agency, Torizone published an article on the issue on April 30, 2024. According to the article, the incident occurred in Jos, Nigeria. It stated that the accused chopped off his wife’s hand because of N3000 she took from his savings.

The incident was also reported on Instagram by Tobeblogofficial.


DUBAWA’s findings revealed that the incident did not happen in Bong but in Nigeria. The claim, therefore, is false.

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