Failed Senatorial Candidate Declares Intention for President

By: Sylvester Choloplay

Liberia:A two-time defeated Montserrado County senatorial candidate, Mr. Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh, has declared his intention for President in the pending October 2023 general and presidential Elections.

Kouyateh, in his press conference held at the Providence Baptist Church in central Monrovia on Friday, March 24, 2023, noted that his intention is to replace poor leadership with a trustworthy, reliable, accountable, and transparent leadership that prioritizes economic growth, job creation, and social justice, amongst others.

After failing to posses Montserrado County’s senatorial seat two times, Mr. Kouyateh has jumped to the Liberian Presidency and promised that if elected as the 25th President of Liberia, he will unite Liberians and drive transformational change.

He also vowed to enhance Liberian security and reform Liberia’s justice system to ensure fair remuneration and welfare for judicial personnel and guarantee justice and the rule of law for all.

The Independent Liberian presidential aspirant also assured Liberians to prioritize infrastructural development, the creation of a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, and revolutionized agriculture by investing in mechanization and the farm-to-table value chain.

“My administration will empower the tech economy to generate jobs for millions, expand our social investment programs into a comprehensive social welfare scheme, and strive to eradicate poverty for millions of Liberians within this decade” Mr. Kouyateh revealed.

Meanwhile, the Liberian politician has at the same time urged Liberians to make careful and positive decisions in electing leaders with dexterity and sincerity in order to have the country developed.

“As we approach these pivotal elections, let us remember that our decisions will have far-reaching consequences for our children and future generations.

I envision a Liberia that is more prosperous, equitable, and peaceful – a nation that offers opportunities for all, regardless of tribe, religion, or social class.

This dream is within our reach if we implement a holistic approach that addresses our economic, educational, social, and security needs.

I cannot accomplish this alone; I need your support, your voice, and your vote to make this vision a reality”, Kouyateh admonished Liberians for supports.

He said his administration will work towards universal healthcare coverage and empower local governments to effectively serve their constituents while promising to working with Diaspora Liberians with ambitious to forge a better future for Liberia.

“Let us unite under the banner of Reconciliation, Empowerment, Accountability, and Development, and preserve the legacy of our founding fathers. With determination and perseverance, we will realize our vision of One Liberia, One People, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” Kouyateh concluded his press conference with reporters in Monrovia.

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