Disqualified Representative Candidate Vows to Contest October 10 Polls

By- Aminata S. Kromah

Liberia: Montserrado County electoral district 11 disqualified Representative Candidate, Thomas Nimene Tweh has expressed the hope and confidence that he will contest the ensuing October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections following the reservation of ruling in an application for stay leave case he recently filed at the High Court.

Last month, the Supreme Court mandated the National Elections Commission (NEC) to remove the name of Mr. Thomas Nimene Tweh, who is commonly known as “Original Country Man” from the list of qualified Candidates for the Representative seat of district 11 in Montserrado County on grounds that he was ineligible to contest following a domicile case filed against him by his political opponent Siah Tandanpollie of the New Liberia Party (NLP).

Tandapollie contended that Mr. Tweh does not reside in district 11, but in Louisiana, district 1 in Montserrado County. Mr. Tweh is currently a resident of the God Grace Community in Louisiana.

The court’s ruling was in keeping with Article 30 (b) of the 1986 Liberian Constitution. The constitution is the organic law of the land.

Article 30 (b) of the Constitution states that “citizens of Liberia who meet the following qualifications are eligible to become members of the Legislature shall be domiciled in the Country or constituency to be represented not less than one year prior to the time of the election and be a taxpayer.”

But over the weekend, the Supreme Court, sitting in a Special Session, again issued a citation inviting Mr. Tweh (petitioner) and Siah Tandanpollie, New Liberia Party (NLP), James Marwieh, Emmanuel K. B Togbah and ALP (Respondents) to hear argument in an Application by Special Leave case filed by Mr. Tweh.

Legal arguments were entertained and heard by the High Court, but ruling on the case has been reserved.

Speaking to hundreds of his supporters in Bardnesville late Sunday evening, October 1, 2023, Mr. Tweh expressed confidence that he will be given the green light by the court to contest the elections.

He claimed that his denial was a serious “injustice” that should not be tolerated. “I am aware that many of you are feeling frustrated, miserable and angry because we were wrongfully and initially denied our legal right to contest in our own District Where we’re legitimate and legal registrant and Domicile of;

Hence, we have been RECALLED and hopefully, with God on our side, we can say to you we have the strongest conviction that we will be allowed by the Supreme Court to contest and provide ably and adequate Representation for you and the country at the 55th National Legislature, Liberia, after October 10, 2023.

Mr. Tweh encouraged citizens to continue to fight for what is right, even when it’s difficult, calling on his supporters to always remember that they are not alone in this cause, noting that, “there are millions of people who share our values, principles, and law abiding natures who are also fighting with us for the same cause and with the spirit of togetherness and team work, we can make the difference.”

“I am one Person who believes that Sustainable Development implies providing for the current generation without compromising the Future of the inborn generation, but rather setting the stage rightly for their existence,” he added.

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