Capitol Hill-September 13, 2021: Reports reaching our news desk from Capitol Hill says the wife of Police Spokesman Moses Carter has dragged him to court for Non persistent child’s support.

“Moses is a reckless and irresponsible father. He has abandoned his home since December 2020 and has refused to support his kid. I have called him on countless occasions but to no avail. I have no option but to take heel to the court” said Mrs Carter.

Mr. Carter is the official Spokesperson for one of the Law enforcement Groups in Liberia, the Liberia National Police.

Such grave accusation against the Police Spokesman remains a point of concern.

The WOMEN and children protection sections (WACPS) at the LNP reports tons of cases over a period relating to persistent non support and as well as the horrible incidents associated with women accessing support from their children’s fathers.

Police Spokesman Carter responded on his Facebook page confirmed the allegation thereby indicating that he prefers to talk it over with his wife Peso Grimes Carter.

“I initially thought of remaining silent on this matter and protect the sanctity and dignity of my wife and family. It’s a known fact that most of us are faced with issues in our homes but choose to handle them indoor instead of using the Press”.

“Today, Spoon TV reported that my wife, Peso G. Carter dragged me to court for persistent non suppport and other claims. When I was called for response, I chose to remain silent and not discuss my domestic issues in the Press”.

“As it stands, I still main my position of not doing anything to damage the image of my wife irrespective of the issues we are going through. She has a future that has to be protected and I will do nothing to damage that great future of hers and my child, Moses Carter, Jr.”

Mr. Carter clarified that he has always reported his salaries from work contrary to allegations of him not reporting his salaries. “Whenever I collect my salary, I immediately turn it over to her and this has been something that I have done until this immediate present”.

‘The issues my wife and I are going through our personal and as such, I have chosen not to discuss them in the media. I will maintain such a decision even if the worst is said about me. I will seek to continue protecting the image of my wife during these moments of our lives. There are those of you out there who understand the kind of person I am in terms of taking care of my family. There are also those of you out there who are interested in hearing the worst about me given the public office I occupy at the Liberia National Police. In all of this, I know there are some of you who will never just hear something and take it at face value but will hear from the other side.

Police Spokesman Carter added that all the drama between him and his wife shall come and pass.

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