By: Judicial Correspondent

Capitol Hill-WTVNEWS: Criminal court “A” JUDGE Roosevelt Willie has released Neejay Kpayou who was recently adjourn guilty for trafficking in human person.

It can be recalled that Neejay was arrested and indicted by the Grand Jury for Montserrado county after arrangement with a proprietress of a drug store situated in Tokpa town to sell her one year old daughter due to what she termed as extreme social challenges.

Based upon the information, Sarah Gonlewon, the drug store operator immediately contacted the Ministry of Gender and Neejay was arrested and forward to court for child trafficking, a crime she admitted to.

The child was taken from her and presently with the Ministry of Gender Children Social Protection.

In a notice from Judge Willie, he instructed the prison facility to release Neejay since in fact she had admitted to the commission of the crime, but with a condition.

The judge action is also in relation to a plea bargaining agreement made and signed on December 2, 2021 between parties.

Defendant Neejay Kpayou is being mandated to attend six months of counselling session at any recognized social counseling institution.

That she will be released from the Monrovia Central Prison to commence the community work and counseling session immediately upon the completion of negotiation with these institution for six months duration as soon as she commences the said programs with the respective institution.

The Judge communication noted that the institutions are hereby ordered to do a monthly report to this court for the six months duration as soon as she commences the said programs with the respective institution.

It further that any failure on her part to participate fully and end these programs as stipulated above, this court will have no alternative but to re-incarcerate her for the one year period.

Her rights and privileges will be restored upon the successful completion of these programs as stipulated within the period above.

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