Concerned Citizens Demand Justice for Jessica Lloyd

By- Aminata S. Kromah

Liberia: A group of concerned citizens have threatened continuous protests action across Monrovia in demand of a speedy trial in the Jessica Lloyd and Lucas Richard alleged attempted murder saga.

Recently, Lucas Richards – an American national was arrested, investigated and charged with Criminal Attempt to commit murder and aggregated assault.

The Liberia National Police investigation revealed that Defendant Lucas drove victim Jessica Lloyd around Dixville in Caldwell and reportedly attacked and injured her neck, the back of her head and fingers.

However, during the Concerned Citizens Protest in Monrovia, Monday, September 18, 2023, the group spokesperson Kamathy Bahn termed the situation as scaring and should not be swept under the carpet.

According to him, the LNP is yet to provide further update regarding the status of the investigation thus creating an uncertainty in the outcome of the process.

“The Liberia National Police is yet to provide an update regarding the current status that is creating doubt of the process “.

According to Police Investigation, the alleged act of Lucas is in violation of chapter 10; section 10.1, Chapter 14 that the defendant knowingly , purposefully and intentionally attempting to cause the death of Victim Jessica Lloyd by hitting her to go unconscious and subsequently used a sharp object (knife) to slice the throat of victim Jessica.

The group’s Spokesman noted that what is more concerning and troubling is the alleged inability or refusal by the United States Embassy near Monrovia to speak on the matter since it was flagged in the country.

“US government is only focusing on the pending October 10 elections so why they can speak to this gruesome situation by their own citizen”.

According to him, a matter that poses a serious life threat to a Liberian citizen has not been given a priority by the country’s traditional ally.

However, Lucas Richard is behind bars perusing court trial while the victim Jessica Lloyd is seeking medical attention at the John F Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia.

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