CHAOTIC SCENE AT TEMPLE OF JUSTICE …As Protesting Judicial Staffers Bundled out of the Court Yard


TEMPLE OF JUSTICE-October 12, 2020-WTVNEWS: Early Monday morning was a scene to behold when Judicial Staffers continued their protest in demand of their salaries and other benefits which the government is yet to settle.

By order of the authorities of the High Court, the Liberia National Police arrived on the grounds of the Temple of Justice and was seen forcefully throwing aggrieved Staffers outside of the fence.

According to the staffers, the judiciary owed them 12months salaries with other benefits but have consistently refused to pay.
Liberia National Police were seen using force on staffers on the grounds of the temple of Justice to ensure the protesters are dispersed.

According to our reporter who was on the scene, two of the protesters felt off as a result of force been used by police officers while other protesters were handled inhumanely.

It can be recalled that aggrieved judiciary staffers staged a protest that prevented Chief Justice Francis Korkpor from packing his car at his regular packing point.

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