‘CDC Party Headquarters, A Center for Illegal Drugs Trade’…Community Residents Raise Alarm

By: William Lloyd

Congo Town: The headquarters of the ruling CDC party has come under heavy criticism for encouraging the presence of disadvantaged youths on their party premises, which has led to the alleged trade of illegal drugs and made the environment hustle for other citizens.

The proliferation of drug trade and young users have sharply increased due to the unavailability of jobs and lack of interest in education reportedly by at-risk youths.

Communities paying host to the CDC headquarters in Congo town are alleging that CDC party has been turning a blind eye to the illegal activities happening on their premises. “We have been bringing this issue to the attention of the party leadership for months, but they have failed to take any meaningful action”, Affected Communities Spokesperson, Mr. Joseph Payne noted in an interview.

Mr. Payne further indicated that the presence of disadvantaged youths or Zogos on the party’s premises has led to a spike in crime and drug-related incidents in their respective communities; thus making it unsafe for law-abiding citizens. “The CDC party is supposed to be working for the betterment of all citizens, but they are allowing their headquarters to be used as a haven for illegal activity,” Payne said.

The CDC party has yet to respond to the allegations, but Payne and other members of the affected communities are calling for immediate action to be taken to address the problem. “We are tired of being ignored, the CDC party needs to take responsibility for their actions and work to make our community a safer place,” Payne said.

Despite repeated attempts to contact the leadership of the CDC party, no official response has been received regarding the allegations of illegal activity at their headquarters.

The spokesman for the affected communities, Joseph Payne, has stated that he and other members of the community have been trying to bring this issue to the attention of the party for months, but have been met with silence. “We have reached out to the CDC leadership numerous times, but have yet to receive any kind of response or acknowledgement of the problem,” Payne said.

The lack of response from the party has only added to the frustration and concern of the community, as they continue to call for action to be taken to address the illegal activity at the party’s headquarters.

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