Boy, Aged 12 Suffers Strange Skin Disease…As Mother Pleads for Urgent Help

By: Jeremiah Sackie Cooper

Liberia: The Mother of a 12 years old boy suffering a strange skin disease is calling on the government of Liberia, humanitarian organizations and others for immediate help to safe her son’s life.

The strange skin disease has engulfed little Steven Zoe hands, feet and other parts of his body is gradually being eaten up by the disease.

little Steven is unable to attend school and or walk properly due to the disease which makes it hardly impossible to hold an item or walk.

According to the 12yrs old boy mother Evelyn Gbelee, the disease begun developing as a normal sore since the childhood but has gradually turned into hard stones on her son’s body.

Making the SOS call recently to safe the little boy’s life, Esther told WOMEN’s TV-Liberia that several test conducted on her son via the John F. Kennedy medical center and other facilities proved that the boy is suffering a fungus that needs to be treated abroad. “When he was born it came on him like telash (sore), so all we felt that it telash (sore) but we give him all kind of sore medicine but no cure. We decided to take him to the hospital, when we take him there, they (doctor) told us that it was fungus and they only give us oilment but it did not work. When he was one month old, it came on him so as he grows it grows also. We spent three months in JFK, the people said that there is no medicine for it in this country except he is taken abroad for advance treatment”, she added.

The 12 yrs old boy has never been school and is currently suffering huge bully from his peers due to the severity of the disease; thus putting his future at risk. Based upon that, his mother is pleading with everyone to ensure her son seek further medical treatment to secure his future. “I want people to help my son. He is suffering and I am suffering along with him. I am asking people in the US and in different countries and the Liberian government to be a help to this child. He is growing up in this thing and he has never been to school. When he see his friends them going to school, it makes him cry. I don’t sleep at night because of him. He is feeling pain when it (sickness) gets ready, it can split under his feet for him to walk it can be hard”, she stressed.

She noted that they have been excluded from associating with their community dwellers and from taking part in activities in their community, something she said is making their lives unbearable. “Because of this sickness we are just moving from place to place. Even the house we are renting, our notice is right at the door. People keep driving us here and there. When he goes among his friends they pushed him away, because they say he can be smelling. Anywhere we move people get problem with us, so we need help”.

With tears in his eyes, little Steven Zoe noted that his health conditions have made him lonely and frustrated as he can not get help or associate with people. He noted that it breaks his heart that we continue to suffer from an illness that he does not even know anything about.

“I am 12 years and I feel bad. My friends drive me, they say I smelling. I want for people to help me to take me from the country so that I can be well. God will take me from this situation”, he added.

At twelve years, the disease has taken over Stephen’s body, affecting his feet, hands, penis and anus and is constantly in unbearable pain.

Meanwhile, Stephen’s parents can be reached at +231777657790 or +231886145164 for urgent help.

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