Bong County Council Approves over USD 300,000 as 100 Days Operational Budget for County Superintendent

By Matalay Kollie

GBARNGA, July 1, 2024: The Bong County Council has approved a budget of three hundred two thousand nine hundred and thirteen dollars thirty-six cent (US $ 302, 913.36) for a hundred-day development operational cost for Superintendent Hawa Norris.

The Bong County Superintendent made available her 100-day development agenda and budget to the County Council following her induction into office. She highlighted the start of her administration’s efforts with the upliftment of the County development agenda.

Key amongst the superintendent’s 100-day development plan are the fencing of the Gbarnga Administration Building, the improvement of some facilities at the building hosing the superintendent and her officials’ offices and the renovation of the residential compound of the superintendent.

The County Council, which was validated on May 4 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), is part of the Local Governance Act (LGA), designed to give citizens greater say in how to spend funds allocated from concession companies for mining gold, diamond, iron ore, rubber, oil palm and other resources from the community.

Chapter 2.2 (f) of the Local Government Act also authorizes the County Council to approve the county development plan and its operation. From that backdrop, the county council, following a joint meeting approved the money, thus giving superintendent Norris the green light to begin her hundred days development work.

Under the LGA, the nine-member County Councils must include citizens representing civil society (two), women (one), youth (two), persons with disabilities (one) and traditional chiefs (three).

Superintendent Norris toke office on May 14, 2024, and subsequently envision on improving the livelihood of residents of the County through a comprehensive development strategy.

Superintendent Norris presented her detailed 100-day development plan and council’s Finance Officer, Silas Tokpah who, did an onward presentation to the council during a joint meeting on July 1, 2024, at the Gbarnga Administrative Building.

Following a deliberation, during the joint meeting, the County Council, through its Chairman, Aaron Sackie Fenlah, along with council members approved the County developmental agenda budget which was submitted by the County Financial Officer for ratification.

Mr. Fenlah, during the joint meeting, commended the administration for its proposed plans, with a call to the people of Bong County to support the initiatives and hold the administration accountable.

“The Bong County Council membership, writes to extend our sincere greetings to you superintendent Norris and your officials on your developmental priority needs of the county and its citizens. Following a thorough review and critique accordingly, seeing the need that the entire 100-day development plan focuses on Bong County in specific areas for your operation” the release said.

Adding, “With these revisions, we saw need as a council on behalf of Bong County and its citizens to take into consideration all inclusive of the fencing of the Gbarnga Administration Building, the renovation of the Residential compound of the superintendent and other areas, we therefore accept in line with the local government act which provides us the opportunity sign on to Development plan for the county do hereby sign onto this plan on the first day of July 2024 for our approval.” Aaron Fenlah read the approval note on behalf of the Council.

Aaron Fenlah furthered that Superintendent Hawa Norris’ 100-day operational deliverables plan represents a firm commitment of her administration development agenda.

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