By: Jerromie S. Walters

Liveria-WTVNEWS: An entrance examiner at the African Methodist Episcopal University who was alleged of raping an 18-year-old girl seeking admission to the University, Tony (Alleged perpetrator) has admitted to police that consensual sexual encounter took place but denied allegation of rape.

The Survivor earlier alleged that Tony sexually abused (rape) her while leaving his office following an entrance challenged results.

Police Spokesman, Moses Carter has confirmed (daily observer) that Tony while being investigated, admitted to having consensual sex with the alleged survival, contrary to alleged rape allegation.

“The police are investigating the case and the medical report has confirmed penetration, but for now, we cannot say if the claim of rape is true or not, as the matter is still being investigated to establish all the facts. The suspect confirmed that they had consensual sex,” Police spokesman Moses Carter.

He further noted, “The police will investigate the matter and will do so in accordance with the law. The suspect is in police custody and has contacted his lawyer, who is now involved in the case.”

According to the alleged survivor, she met with Tony Fasasi in his office,
following efforts to challenge her entrance result. At which point she got allegedly raped by Tony.

She told investigators that the alleged perpetrator held her from the back when she tried leaving his office. She asserted that they both tussled, but unfortunately he succeeded in raping her.

“I told him since this is the case, I’ll get my father to take it up with the University Administration. As soon as I turned to leave the office, he held me from the back, we tussled and his strength overpowered me and raped me,” the victim alleged.

The alleged survivor said she entered Tony’s office alone with another student who followed her to challenge the test result but her friend was later asked to leave and that she passed the entrance test.

“We were two students that he told we failed the test. So we said ‘no, we challenge the test [results]. Afterward, he told the other girl to leave because she passed, [but] asked why I keep failing.” she stressed.

At the same time, the administration of the AME University has suspended Tony for time “indefinite” in line with it termed as ” Zero Tolerance” on sexual exploitation and abuse coupled with their desire to ensure a fair and transparent investigation.

The University’s release further provided, “the Administration believes that our action provides safety for our students and staff and will take further action(s) in line with our policies, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The AME University (AMEU) is one of the most reputable and recognized private universities in Liberia, it existence goes far back to the 19s. The school was established in 1995 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and chartered by the Liberian Legislature in 1996. The University is situated in Monrovia, Liberia. on Camp Johnson Road, and it has about 5,000 students.

However, rape as a dreadful crime which many Liberians have kicked against, seems to be rapidly increasing as perpetrators have grown more interest in, especially with the fact that genuine steps are yet to be taken in adequately implementing laws attached to it.

Liberia appears to be in a hilarious state of security and safety for women and girls, as the occurrence of rape is gradually being considered as a normal activity that should be hailed and venerated.

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