By: Matalay S. Kollie, Bong County Correspondent

GWEAMUE, SANOYEA Bong County: Reports emerging from Sanoyea District in Bong County say there is mounting tension between residents of Gweamue Town and traditional Zoes of nearby towns and villages Over a forceful construction of Devil Bush/Traditional school in the area.

According to our Bong County Correspondent, tension erupted following the alleged refusal of residents of the Town to allow traditional Zoes from the nearby Towns and Villages to establish a Bush School in their Town.

Residents of Gweamue Town has refused the Bush/Traditional School on grounds that it would divert their children attention from academic activities and also stall free movement of people.

A representative of Gweamue Town indicated that Tuesday, December 19, 2022, traditional leaders including some citizens from the nearby towns and villages entered Gweamue Town to establish a Bush School, but residents of the area denied them from carrying on said activities in the area; thus resulting to a serious violence situation”.

The town representative further told our Correspondent that the violent situation has also destroyed the only wooden bridge connecting Gweamue to nearby Towns and Villages in that part of the district.

The disenchanted Gweamue residents narrated that the situation was reported to Bong County Authority; adding that the traditional leaders were invited to a meeting by Bong County Inspector, Moses Stubberfield; but they are yet to get redress from the meeting.

Our Correspondent also quoted a representative of the traditional leaders as saying that the area was previously used by them as Bush School before the activities got halted by the Internal Affairs Ministry.

When contacted, Bong County inspector, Moses subberfield referred our correspondent to the district Paramount Chief for more detail of the matter.

Meanwhile Sannonyeah district Paramount Chief, Moses Nupolu has denied the allegation. According to Chief Nupolu, the traditional leaders did not go to Gweamue to establish Bush School but rather to intervene in a matter concerning a violation of traditional activities by some residents of the Town.

Chief Nupolu then used the interview to call on residents of Gweamue and traditional leaders from nearby towns and villages to remain calm as traditional chiefs and the Bong Traditional Council have promised to have the matter settled after the Christmas festival.

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