Ahead of 2024 WASSCE Exam, Ghana Embassy Hosts Mentorship Program & Resource Drive for Liberian Students

By: Sylvester Choloplay
Email: sccholoplay@gmail.com

Liberia – March 31, 2024: In a concerted effort to bolster educational resources and provide mentorship opportunities for students, the Ghanaian Embassy near Monrovia has initiated a comprehensive program for the John Kofi Asmah United Methodist High School students in West Point, Monrovia.

The transformative mentorship program with the aim to uplift and empower the future leaders of Liberia was held on the 29th of March, 2024, at the Residence of Ghana’s Head of Mission to Liberia, Ambassador Kingsford Amoako.

The event brought together distinguished speakers including school Administrators and International Diplomats in an effort to guide and inspire the young minds poised to undertake the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) this year.

The two-hour program was led by seven influential speakers, including notable figures such as the South African Ambassador to the Republic of Liberia, H.E Prof. Iquabal Jhazbhay; the Consul-General of the Republic of Belgium to Liberia, Mr. Wael Hariz; and the Country Manager of Catholic Relief Services, Ms. Abena Amedormey.

In addition, esteemed personalities like Dr. Catherine S. Gaisie, CEO of Karish Eye Care; Mr. Ambrose Houphouet, Country Manager for Groupe Nduom Liberia; Mr. Eric Ellington Agyedenah, President of the Ghanaian Professionals Association; and Mr. George Idun-Sam, a renowned discussions consultant, graced the occasion with their valuable insights.

Speaking at the program, His Excellency Kingsford Amoako disclosed that the goal of the mentorship program is to address the pressing needs for educational materials and support the academic endeavors of the students, particularly those preparing for this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSE).

“The overarching goal of the mentorship program is to address the critical need for educational resources at John Kofi Asmah United Methodist High School.

Currently, the school lacks an adequate supply of textbooks, hindering the academic progress of its students. Financial constraints further exacerbate this issue, as many families cannot afford the required textbooks”, Ambassador Amoako revealed.

A significant donation from the Ghana Embassy, comprising essential items such as books, pencils, rice, oil, and tissues, was extended to the school.

The journey towards empowerment began during the vibrant celebration of International Children’s Day on December 7th, 2023, where Consular staff representing the Ghana Embassy engaged with teachers and students, expressing their commitment to revisit the institution.

Ambassador Amoako emphasized the significance of academic excellence as a gateway to securing scholarships and support from benevolent donors while assuring the students of the provision of textbooks for their courses and announced the sponsorship of extra classes to enhance their preparation for the WASSCE examinations.

He cautioned the students against the perils of social media, reminding them of its potential impact on their future opportunities.

H.E Amoako, along with other dignitaries, presented textbooks to the Principal of John Kofi Asmah United Methodist High School, Rev. Jame Fogbeh.

Following Ambassador Amoako’s address, H.E Prof. Iquabal Jhazbhay reiterated Nelson Mandela’s famous assertion that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” stressing the importance of patience, discipline, and hard work in achieving academic success.

Similarly, Mr. Wael Hariz emphasized that one’s location does not determine future success, but rather, it is their actions and decisions that shape their destiny.

Dr. Catherine S. Gaisie urged the students to set high standards and pursue careers they are passionate about, reminding them of the global competition they face beyond Liberia’s borders.

Mr. Eric Ellington Agyedenah underscored the importance of determination and discipline in achieving academic goals, while Ms. Abena Amedormey emphasized the significance of self-belief and prudent use of time, cautioning against excessive social media usage.

Mr.George Idun-Sam encouraged the students to pursue knowledge that would provide them with a competitive edge in securing desirable employment opportunities, advocating for the acquisition of a second international language such as French.

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