By: Jerromie S. Walters

Liberia: May 26, 2022, WTVNEWS: As pressure mounts for genuine remedy to the sudden disappearance of National Elections Commission (NEC) staff Alfred Dunner in Grand Gedeh County, Liberia’s Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf has disclosed the arrest of additional four (4) persons linked to the incident.

Addressing the Ministry of information regular press briefing on Thursday, Minister Sirleaf noted that upon getting hold of the previous two persons, additional four (4) persons were arrested, amongst which few of them genuinely turned themselves over for investigation, upon being alerted of their arrest.

This sums up to six (6) persons currently, who have been arrested, in connection with the disappearance of Mr Alfred Dunner, following the previous arrest of his two (2) brothers that took him to the herbalist.

The Internal Affairs Minister also narrated that in progress with the investigation, there were major engagement with the religious leaders, women groups, family members of Mr Dunner, as well as the youths within the Clan.

Minister Sirleaf however asserted that upon the commencement of the investigation while seeking the view of the community, they were encouraged to make use of the traditional groups, which they believe would help in ensuring the availability of the missing man.

Considering the clan dwellers recommendation, the Internal Affairs Minister further articulated that both traditional fellows (hunters and others) as well as personal of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have been vigorously searching throughout the county.

He also maintained that the investigation is still in progress, and is being headed by the County Attorney who was mandated by the President to report within two weeks.

It can be recalled on Monday, May 2, 2022, Alfred Dunner left his home to seek traditional treatment with a herbalist in a town called Janzon, Cavalla District, where he reportedly went missing.

Alfred Dunner is a staff of the National Elections Commission (NEC) who reportedly conducted two uninterpreted elections ( The 2020 senatorial & November 13 Tchien District By-elections) in Grand Gedeh County in his capacity as acting elections magistrate.

Since the disappearance of Mr Alfred Dunner, lots of Liberians have been stucked up with curiousity, and skepticism especially considering where he was last seen before his disappearance, a description and current location of the herbalist he went to for treatment before he disappeared, and what are accounts from the herbalist he went to for treatment in Niao clan.

Following the sudden news of Mr Alfred Dunner’s disappearance, there have been series of reported scenes including an intense violence in Niao Clan between the County Authority, Joint Security and CSO’s who have gone there to authentic informations on a discovered body alone the Cavalla river bank, and to have a meeting to explore a way forward.

The citizens action resulted to a standstill of major activities within the county, following the setting up of roads block by men believed to be residents of Niao Clan specifically.

The disappearance of Mr Alfred Dunner appears similar to the case of Mr Joseph Blama who went missing for days, after it was said that he went to seek prayer at a local prophetess worship center in Grand Bassa county, but was later discovered dead.

The lifeless body of 45-year-old Joseph Blama, who went missing for several days following a quest for deliverance from the popular Prayer Warrior, Martha Doe, was discovered in Dwehn’s Town on the St. John River, in Grand Bassa County.

Joseph Blama went missing on March 25, 2022 in St. John City, Grand Bassa County after 25 members of Madam Martha Doe’s prayer band gathered for prayer.

These and many other horrible tragedies ranging from the disappearance of individuals to the repeated occurrence of mysterious killings across Liberia, have given a lot of Liberians multiple reasons to consider the state as being insecure for it’s citizens.

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