4 Persons Fear Dead Following Violent Storm in Tappita District, Nimba

Nimba County: Report says, four (4) persons are reportedly dead as a result of a violent storm in Yeepuepua Village Tapata District#6, Nimba County.

The victims include, Beauty Kruataye 19, Oldman Kruataye 17, Kpewonseh Wayingbah 2, and a one-year-old Oldpa Wayingbah.

A survivor of the incident identified as Linda Saywah told reporters, that the incident happened Thursday, 24, October, after twenty persons including the four victims had gone to one Harrison Karn farm to harvest rice and pepper.

She further narrated that while on the farm, a violent storm started blowing around a forest where they were harvesting, leaving them with no option, but to seek refuge under a rice kitchen.

According to her, while under the kitchen, the violent storm immediately remove the kitchen leaving the kitchen to fall on them, resulting to the demise of the four persons.

Meanwhile, Police in Nimba County and local authorities of the district have turned over the remains of the victims to the leadership of the town for burial while victim Linda Saywah is undergoing medical treatment at a local health centre in Toweh Town.

The report further clarified that the owner of the farm, Harrison Kran is currently undergoing police investigation.

At the same, the Liberia National Police, Nimba Detachment have launched an investigation into an alleged rape case involving a 55-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl in Zuolay town district#6, Nimba county.

According to the police, report the alleged 55-year-old perpetrator is believed to be a Magistrate assigned at a Magisterial Court in Zuolay town.

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