By: Jerromie S. Walters

Gardnesville Supermarket, Somalia Drive: Liberians Initiatives For Education and Empowerment (LIFE), a local NGO, recently graduated one hundred and fifty two (142) Adolescents And Single Mothers in several vocational field of studies.

The students received eight (8) months intense training in soap science and safety management, baking and catering management, hair dressing and cosmetology, event and interior decoration, tailoring and fashion designs, among others.

Addressing the ceremony as keynote speaker, the Political Leader of the Democratic People Party of Liberia, Reverend David Kiamu admonished the graduates to wisely actualize knowledge attained at the vocational school, in order to be an alternative in the already congested business environment.

As they venture in the broad field of their various areas of study, Reverend David Kiamu highlighted the importance of avoiding what he considered as the temptation to be powerful, popular, and prosperous.

He believes the essence of one to prove his or her self powerful, popular, or prosperous in the midst of hundreds others who are of the same stage of labor, is a recipe for hatred especially in the African setting.

The Political Leader of the Democratic People Party of Liberia also hailed the graduates for the milestone achievement and considering the need to have themselves vocationally equipped and marketable.

“You are entering a terrain where people are already doing business, don’t fight to be powerful, you didn’t get your education to be superstar. Make the change you can make, there’s nothing good in looking for popularity, let your service speak for you”. Avoid the temptation to be prosperous, Prosperity without God is useless, combine them with discipline, and discipline yourself”.

Reverend Kiamu presented two hundred United States dollars($USD 200) as part of his contribution to the commencement of the next class.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Liberians Initiatives For Education and Empowerment, Mr Albert Wah expressed excitement for making impact in the lives of those woman and girls.

He said his decision to establish the institution, was triggered by his thought that there was a need that people acquire vocational and technical education, as hundreds of young people are now being challenged because of the lack of empowerment.

In order to attract more sponsors nd alleviate the burden from him and his wife, he disclosed plans of visiting the United states next year to network and ensure more people can support the Initiative.

The Chief Executive Officer further encouraged the graduates to remain committed to practicalizing the knowledge acquired during the 8 months period. “The 142 students we graduated today, we will tell you that they were 890, and the 890 only 142 persevered, some of them couldn’t transport themselves to attend classes, some weren’t discipline and some of them couldn’t accept policy”, he said.

Fatu Massaque, the dux of Interior Decoration department, who is now a trained designer, appreciated her instructors and the administration of the Institution for making affordable the opportunity to them.

Fatu, before enrolling at the training program, had absolutely no technical knowledge, but upon completing her eight months study, she’s now equipped in the production of African slippers, bags and chain of different types.

At the same time, Estella Lorgod of the cosmetology department, encouraged her peers to make it their responsibility to have themselves impacted vocationally, in order to ensure that they are marketable.

Estella is a 2020 high school graduate, who passionately redirected her way to vocational education, as her parents weren’t financially potent to further her education at university level.

She however holds the believe that vocational or technical knowledge is critical in every person’s life, regardless of his or her academic standards.

Liberians Initiatives For Education And Empowerment (LIFE) is a non-profitable humanitarian organization established on July 3, 2016 is also as a brain child of the Divine Praise Humanitarian Foundation located in Paynesville.

LIFE Inc. focuses on improving the lives of youths with disabilities, orphans, drugs and harmful substance abusers and adolescent girls as well as single mothers in Liberia. In 2018, LIFE, INC. established the LIFE-Advanced Vocational Training College LIFE-AVTC for young people who cannot afford getting vocational/technical education by paying their own tuition.

The institution seeks to provide young people career opportunities and the requisite skills training that will help them be part of the next generation of organized and qualified young people.

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